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Alien Abduction Filmed On CCTV

World Exclusive: In December 2010, a lady contacted our website because she believed she had been abducted by aliens. But what made this encounter unique was that she also had film footage of the abduction!

Cosmic Conpiracies has the World exclusive rights to this encounter and footage.

Click here to read the complete story and view the footage

PhobosThe following article was written by guest writer, Harv Howard. We have been lead to believe that our efforts into space have advanced along purely typical lines of scientific investigation of natural phenomena such as Mankind has always done on Earth. That quest has naturally moved outward to other worlds in our solar system and beyond as technology has allowed.

Such is true in the greater sense of what Science is about. But the driving force of off-planet investigations has at its core a hidden agenda beyond that of our innate curiosity. The directed goal has been a search for answers to a troubling predicament: Where do the UFO's come from, and are they local to our solar system?

We are in the midst of a slow, scientific disclosure that started with our early space probes and is increasing in velocity at an ever-increasing rate. Under our watchful and frequently enthralled eyes we have been presented with a growing escalation of new discoveries every few weeks. The public knows these revelations as Martian meteorites with fossilized primitive life forms, water on Mars, and the Moon, Titian maybe harboring life in its oceans, Mars anomalies, and, recently, planets found around other stars. Without a doubt, the discovery of earth-like planets will be found any day now. Closer to home and in recent weeks, there has been a recent renewing of the argument over the results from the Viking “search for life” experiments in the late 1970s. Unbeknown to the public, that all-important question has never been fully or correctly answered. Click to read more...

Alien Abductee speaks out

Bridget Grant looks like an ordinary housewife more at home making the school run than giving speeches at public conferences around the world. But her extraordinary experiences mean she is in big demand both here and in America. For Bridget is widely recognised in the UFO world as the Briton most visited by aliens. Cosmic Conspiracies first met Bridget in 2001 when she appeared alongside Nick Pope (former head of the UFO Desk for the Ministry Of Defence) at the 20th Leeds UFO Conference organized by the now defunct UFO Magazine (UK).

In her 40 years she claims to have had at least 17 encounters with UFOs, including five up close. "Why me? I don't know. I can't understand it but I need answers," she said. "I can't explain what's happening to me. I feel very happy that I've witnessed what I have."

An alien grey drawn by Bridget Grant"But I am frustrated that my experiences are ones I haven't been able to tell to most people for fear of ridicule." Bridget says her alien encounters began when she was a little girl living in a village in Devon, although at the time she did not realise their significance.

"I was seven years old and it was in the school holidays and I know it was winter," she recalled. "I had to get home for tea and I decided for some reason to walk through the village on a different route from my normal one. "I met what I thought was a very small Chinese girl. She was about my height and I thought she was Chinese because of her eyes. She showed me some money - a Hong Kong note - and she showed me her house. She didn't say much but I had to get home for tea so we arranged to meet the next day."

"The next day I went back at about the same time but the house was no longer there. It had been at the end of a cul-de-sac but now there was a field where the house had been."

"In the field was a gazebo surrounded by coloured lights. I think I recognised it from watching Elvis Presley films on TV at Christmas! The grass shimmered from the lights and I can remember jumping down from something and going home."

Bridget never saw the "Chinese girl" or the "gazebo" again. Looking back on the incident 33 years later, she wonders if the girl was really an alien - a so-called Grey. UFO experts she has told the story to suggest the gazebo may have been a spaceship. It is possible aliens implanted what are known as "screen memories" to make her see a little girl and a gazebo rather than the more alarming images of an alien and spaceship.

Bridget continued: "As I was growing up I had many paranormal encounters with ghosts - people who had died in the past and people who had died more recently. I would be told someone had died, wherever it was, in particular circumstances." "Some of the ghosts seemed as real as you and me - sometimes they seemed less solid. These paranormal experiences went on from when I was five or six until I was 21."

Bridget says her next big incident with aliens came in February 1993 when she was working in Los Angeles as a make-up artist. "I was driving a girl called Jane - she was a friend of a friend - to an interview in Rodeo Drive where she hoped to work as a hairdresser," Bridget said. "I had to call in to see someone in an area called Brentwood."

Artists impression of Bridget's sighting"I was just leaving the freeway on the off-ramp near the Holiday Inn when we were stopped by a traffic light. This feeling of apprehension came over me. It was like stage fright - I was very anxious and my hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter. I saw a glimmer of silver reflecting from the metal frame between the door and the windscreen and then to the left over my head was this massive craft. It was eight to ten metres away, silver, round and 35ft to 40ft long."

"There was no noise, no wings and no exhaust fumes or anything like that. There was a burning red-orange glow underneath and I thought, 'What the hell is this?' "It was gliding through the tops of some trees. Jane saw it too."

"The traffic light changed and in my mind I felt, 'I need to make a left over the bridge behind the Holiday Inn.' "My mind was racing and I was shaking. It had disappeared from view and I said to Jane, 'We're both going to get out and point where we think the craft went.' "We both got out and pointed to the left. My eyes were watering, streaming."

"I was all over the place. I couldn't believe what had happened. Later there was a most roaring noise and four or five black, unmarked military helicopters flew over. They were obviously going to intercept that craft, and I thought, 'You're not going to catch that.'

"That night I got home to Bill, my partner at the time, but I couldn't physically say anything to him. My brain was racing. The next day I kicked him out, packed my belongings and left. Jane did the same two days later." Bridget added: "I know many people won't believe me. You have to be very selective - you can't just tell all your neighbours. People say, 'Yeah, right, OK,' but for them seeing is believing and they haven't seen what I've seen."

Bridget returned to Devon and set up the South West Witness Support Group to try to meet people with similar experiences. She is writing a book about her experiences but says she still doesn't fully understand what happened.

  • Bridget was talking ahead of the launch on DVD on November 8 of the sci-fi TV show V: The Complete Series.

This article is courtesy of The Sun Newspaper 13/11/10


A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicted that on October 13th, 2010, a fleet of  extraterrestrial vehicles would hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. The author says the event would be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

According to the author, Stanley A. Fulham, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

The book, 'Challenges of Change' reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.

The author draws upon his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him with a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public. In the military's view, as conveyed to and understood by Fulham, the public is not yet ready to accept an alien reality.

NORAD is the bi-national U.S.-Canadian military organization responsible for the aerospace and maritime defense of the United States and Canada. NORAD, created by a 1958 agreement between Canada and the United States, provides advanced warning of impending missile and air attacks against its member nations, safeguards the air sovereignty of North America, and maintains airborne forces for defense against attack.

For more than a decade, through the services of a world renowned channeler, the author claims he has communicated with an ethereal group of entities known as the Transcendors -- 43,000 very old souls who combine their vast experience and knowledge through eons of incarnations, providing advice and information to humans in search of basic realities of mankind’s existence.

The book 'Challenges of Change' reports on the author’s years of communication with the Transcendors in a question and answer format intended to inform and challenge. The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over “containment of collateral damages.”

Fulham's theory sounds a little wacky doesn't it? That's exactly what we thought until we started to do a little investigation into UFO reports for October 13th. A major fleet of UFO's were seen by several hundreds of people over the skies of New York City, and in fact, all 3 of the Cities airports were closed down on that day for one hour! The UFO's stayed in the sky for several hours and seeing video footage emerge on the internet of UFO events that happened on the 15th of October this year certainly stengthens Stan Fulham's claims! 


According to Fulham, the Transcendors state they have borne witness to countless thousands of alien civilizations who polluted their planets to total extinction where not a single being, animal or plant survived. They urgently warn planet earth is presently on the same self-destructive path. Fulham reports the aliens are well aware of our environmental crisis, and have benevolently decided to rescue mankind in this vast universal drama.

Fulham has been in contact with a distinguished foreign ambassador who read the book with great interest and dispatched it to his home government, where it was translated and studied by hundreds of their top government officials.


The following article was written by the newest member to our team, retired research analyst, Jeff Pearson. Jeff has been seriously interested in the UFO phenomenon ever since he saw an unidentified 'something' on the water, at night, when he was a soldier during the Falklands War in 1982. Jim will be submitting many more interesting stories for our website - so stayed tuned. Thanks for your contribution Jeff, and welcome aboard!

My own story is quite basic - after the Falklands war finished, the married soldiers were sent home first, with the single guys stopping behind until replacements came out from the UK. That meant that many soldiers were there for nearly 9 months as I was, with 266 Signal Squadron (South Atlantic). 

To keep up morale we were given an R&R break of four days, down to one of the furthest points on East Falkland, Fanny Cove House, a totally remote and very basic sheep shearers hut on the way to Bull Point, the FI's southernmost point. Although hostilities had ceased we still had air warning reds, and the occasional 'stand to', but for our break, we were armed only with a single shotgun and a clay target trap for light relief, and a clansman radio linked to Port Stanley. About a dozen of us were Chinooked in (there were no roads then, and overland in a Land rover could take the best part of a whole day). Once in, we spent our time watching penguins on the beach (2 miles long), or checking out the Bull Seal colonies, and many old shipwrecks along the cove... .the place was so remote and untouched that there were still the old fireplaces in the dunes left by shipwrecked crews.

As normal, we all had to take our turn 'on guard' in pairs throughout the night on two hour 'stags', spent sitting outside, and patrolling out around the House . On the third night out I was on stag at midnight to 2am, when we saw a light out on the sea, and as there is absolutely no ambient light that far south, it made us head down to the beach.

Reconstruction of the UFO at seaOnce there we could make out a craft of some description, low in the water, with a white light, two red lights, and a green light sitting out on the waters of the cove, not moving. The lack of perspective made it very hard to ascertain how far out it was - the general concensus afterwards was that it was about 800-1000 yards out.

The lights were red-green-red with the white light slightly above the green in the centre.

The white light was not a beam per se, but lit up the beach faintly,  like a parachute flare would.

We couldn't make out any shape, but what was strange to us was that with the exception of the white one, all the lights were in a flat  row, not as on a ship where they are on the masts and superstructure. 

To be honest, we thought only one thing, that it was a possible insertion or pickup by Argentine Special Forces, and whilst I stayed on the beach, my colleague ran to the House to rouse everyone. The bright light dimmed as my colleague left, leaving the beach in pitch darkness. Within five minutes, all of us were in the dunes watching whatever it was, just sitting out there. We tried to get through to Stanley to check if there was any Naval traffic near us, but the radio, working perfectly all day, was just static, and we couldn't communicate.

We stayed together watching it for nearly an hour. It made no move, and it was impossible to see a shape, but we all felt it was a very flat craft, that looked about a hundred feet long (taking the distance between the first and last light). and very low in the water. There was no engine noise whatsoever. After an hour, the white light extinguished, and we all felt that it was moving away, albeit quite slowly. Suddenly, it appeared to have moved very quickly to a point where it was only just possible to see the lights on it, and then it was gone, as if the lights were suddenly switched off. Not one of us at any time thought it was an unexplained object, but was of military origin, and on our return the following day we checked up with the Navy and SBS detachment whether anything of ours was that far south - which was negative. 

The SBS guys were quite forthright in saying that any insertion or pickup would not be accompanied by 'Blackpool Illuminations' (their words), and would have been carried out in complete darkness. So there it is, for what it's worth! Not quite Whitley Streiber but strange nonetheless.

Paranormal/Weird? - In 1966 I was with 1 British Corps HQ on exercise near Paderborn, W. Germany. We took over a small 'Schloss' or walled manor house with major outbuildings as our HQ area for two days. All the officers left to attend a briefing, leaving the other ranks to park up and conceal over 120 3 ton box body vehicles. For half an hour chaos reigned as everyone competed to get their vehicle out of vision and camouflaged. 

The door of the schloss opened, and out came a man, in his early sixties, white collarless shirt with a German army greatcoat on his shoulders (his arms werent in its arms), the old army puffed out trousers with a broad yellow stripe, and jackboots. He stood there for about two minutes and then shouted "STOP" at the top of his voice. He then took over everything and in perfect clipped English directed vehicles under cover, with his parting shot being "Thankyou gentlemen, the Russkis will not give you that much time, believe me." He then went in and closed the door.

What's strange about that? At a regimental reunion nearly 25 years later, 9 of us who were there that day (we were all friends and in the same troop), met up, and reminisced about it. Five of us concurred he must have been an ex army officer who couldnt stand to see us cock things up so badly and stepped in to sort it out.

The other four said nothing of the sort happened, and were adamant about it. 

Not confused, they described the schloss, the chaos of the morning, agreed we were all there, but that it just didn't happen. Makes you wonder what's going on?

Article written by Jeff Pearson 2010


What Are EVP Recordings?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Sometimes you can hear EVP when you make a sound recording and unexplained voices are heard when you play it back. In some circumstances, the voices will answer specific questions that are asked at the time of the recording.

Our resident researcher and medium, Martin, has had an interest in EVP for several years and recently decided to conduct a few experiments. Martin invested in a piece of equipment called a 'Franks Box', which is basically a radio which can scan the airwaves but will not lock onto any specific station. Over the past month or so, Martin has been recording and experimenting with the box and came up with some very interesting results.

Here are some of the recordings: Most of them begin with Martin asking a question and then the EVP. Press the buttons to hear the audio clips.

Can anybody tell me their name? Marlene

Are you there? Speak to me

Can you see me? Oh yes!

Don't be afraid. I'll warn you!

Can you give me the year please. 1947

Goodnight Brits

How many people's in the room with me? Six, Seven, Eight, Zero

How are you? I'm fine thank you

Anybody would like to say hello? Kids bounce with a distinctive ???? vehicle

(Sad voice) my baby

Hello everybody Help me... whats up?

The STS-75 Tether Incident

Some of the best ever UFO footage ever captured was taken during a NASA Space Shuttle Mission that was launched on Sunday, February 22nd, 1996. The Space Shuttle Columbia deployed an experimental aerial into orbit. The experiment, also known as the 'Tethered Satellite System (TSS- 1R)' attempted to generate electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. As the 12-mile long, 100 million dollar tether was pulled behind the space shuttle, it was bombarded by charged particles from the upper atmosphere and cosmic rays from the sun.

The tether was made of strong synthetic fibres, but unfortunately on February 25th, it became overcharged with ions and eventually snapped and floated away into space. The cameras aboard the Shuttle captured the events and continued to film the tether as it drifted away. It was at 90 nautical miles that something strange started to happen - swarms of unidentified flying objects began to fly around the broken tether.

You can read the full story and see video footage in our new article HERE.


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings, we have been working hard to bring you an update to our most popular article - The Apollo Hoax. Over the past year, our researcher, Dave Cosnette, has been delving deeper into what he believes is a NASA cover-up of the alleged Moon footage. Dave has been investigating the subject for the past 10 years and PART ONE is now available to read. The new Apollo Hoax section will be the definitive answer to the Apollo missions and will have approximately 5 times more information than the original article. It will also dismiss the common misconceptions of 'blowing flags' and other faulty hoax theories that have been floating around the web.

New evidence will include pictures of astronauts without backpacks, cosmonauts blinded by radiation, the real story behind the missing original Apollo 11 tapes and much, much more.

That is why the entire article will be released in stages over the next few weeks.

You can read the latest Apollo update by clicking here

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UK UFO sightings 'double in a single year'

Officials have admitted the number of UFO sightings more than
doubled last year - including one spotted hovering over Parliament.

A total of 285 unidentified flying objects were reported to the Ministry Of Defence in 2008, compared to just 135 in 2007, according to official documents.

The reports include a mystery craft spotted hovering opposite Parliament was reported on February 12th, 2008. According to the document: 'There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about half an hour.'

The rise in the number of sightings - the biggest since 1998 - was described as 'phenomenal' by experts.

The MoD only investigate reports of unidentified flying objects that it considers may pose a risk to national security, and most of the incidents seem just to have been logged and ignored. On June 28, near Cobham in Somerset, a document notes that someone reported seeing 'something interesting' in the sky. A few days earlier, it states: 'Twenty-five amber lights were seen leaving the Heathrow area. They were seen travelling West at 45 degrees, 200-300 knots'.

Another interesting sighting was reported in February 2008 where a UFO the size of a 747 was reported above Leeds, West Yorkshire. That craft was described as a 'jumbo jet sized object which was flat and round with a blue ripple underside. It made no sound and then disappeared.'

Former MoD UFO Investigator - Nick PopeThe dossier was published just one week after it emerged the RAF has tried to shoot down UFOs under instructions from the MoD. Former MoD UFO investigator, Nick Pope, claims that pilots have aimed at UFOs several times, but have failed to bring them down. Mr Pope, who worked on the MoD's UFO section for three years, said the 'shoot down' directive had been in place since the 1980s. Pope says 'We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down - with little effect to the UFO... Firing at UFOs was 'not automatic but happens when something in our airspace is deemed to be a threat.' 'In the case of UFOs, whether the object is causing a threat is very much a (pilot’s) judgment call.'

And last month (January 09) it was claimed that a UFO ripped a 60ft blade off a wind farm turbine in Lincolnshire. Hundreds of witnesses reported hearing an earsplitting bang at 4am. One saw orangey-yellow spheres skimming across the sky, while another reported a 'massive ball of light' with 'tentacles going right down to the ground'.

The turbine at Conisholme lost one 66ft (20m) blade and another was badly damaged. County councillor for the area, Robert Palmer, said he had seen a "round, white light that seemed to be hovering". "That is the only way I can explain it - it wasn't a flare-like light - it was just round, white light with a slight red edge to it that seemed to be over the wind turbines."

Ecotricity, which owns the site, said while investigations continued they were not ruling anything out - but the extent of damage was "unique".

The turbine is one of 20 at the Conisholme site, which has only been fully operational since April 2008. The broken blade has been recovered and is being examined.

Local ufologists said they had received many reports of activity in the area and had teams searching for clues. Russ Kellett, from the Flying Saucer Bureau, said witnesses had told him of activity in the area. "One saw what they at first thought was a low-flying aircraft on the Saturday evening and another heard a loud banging in the early hours of Sunday," he said.

"This is the second most reports of activity we have ever had - I have had over 30 phone calls and emails. To hit two of the blades, any object must have been about 170ft long.

Article by Dave Cosnette and Andy Lloyd - February 09

New 'Planet X' Conspiracy Novel Released

Regular Cosmic Conspiracies contributor, Andy Lloyd, has been very busy over the past year, writing a new book as a follow up to his successful first publication, The Dark Star Theory. The book involves conspiracy theory, NASA cover-ups, political intrigue, the Dark Star/Planet X, the Anunnaki and plenty of twists and turns.  The book has only been available through Amazon for a few weeks, but is already proving to be popular.

Here is a quick overview of the story:

Journalist, Bill Bainbridge suspects foul play when his informant in the Intelligence community dies suspiciously from an extremelyaggressive form of cancer. The last piece of correspondence Bill received from Lyn described a secret NASA project code-named 'Ezekiel One'. Determined to discover the truth behind the 'Ezekiel One' mystery and a possible connection to her untimely death, he finds himself the subject of surveillance, intrigue and an attempted assassination. His courage in the face of adversity leads him to the greatest government secret since the Manhattan Project. But Bill quickly finds that the Truth itself is the highest obstacle of all. Set in the last months of the year 2012, Ezekiel One is an action-packed story of conspiracy, terror, and the End of an Age of Innocence.

Readers are already raving about Andy's latest work..

"When you read Andy Lloyd's story you find yourself on the threshold of our new world."  --Monika Myers, Volunteer Editor, Washington State, USA

"In Ezekiel One, Andy Lloyd masterfully blends his "Dark Star Theory" with a brilliant, real-time plot set in the backdrop of 2012.  Planet X fans will be riveted to their seats, as fast-moving developments take them along with our intrepid reporter, Bill Bainbridge of the Daily Standard -- toward uncharted waters affecting all citizens of the planet Earth.  Ezekiel One has all the necessary ingredients to bring readers from the civilization of today, back to the prophecies of the Mayans, and again into the near-future.  Whether you are an anomalist, or an X-Files fan, or just an inquisitive recreational reader, Ezekiel One is bound to satisfy!!!"    --Lee Covino, Volunteer Editor, Staten Island, New York, USA

"Having read half of "Ezekiel One" in one sitting, I waited two days before getting back to the book simply because I did not want the story to end!!!   If you like non conventional intrigue and suspense this book is for you.  I will say being a study of the works of Zecharia Sitchin, made the storyline come alive.

"A must read for 2009!!!"

Tom Murdic, Tennessee, USA

Copies are available now at Amazon - please use the links below to order.



Click Here To Check Out Our
Book Review Page
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