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First of all, you might like to read about the 2 major sightings that myself and my brother encountered in 1999 and in the late 70's. WE have seen numerous craft throughout our lives, but the next 2 stories are the biggest we have seen. These encounters were the reason why we created Cosmic Conspiracies.

Huge Triangular Craft Spotted by 3 independent witnesses!

I live in the UK, about 4 miles outside of Gloucester at a place called Hucclecote. On Tuesday 7th Dec, 1999 at 6.30 a.m. I saw an incredibly large craft near my house while taking the dog for a walk. I first spotted a large white light that had many different colours moving shimmering inside it (rather like an oil on water effect). On closer inspection I noticed that what I at first thought was a star formation behind the craft was in fact moving with it, yes, it was part of the same craft. This thing was as big as an open daily newspaper at arms length... we're talking at least 2ft across in the sky... The small lights were flashing in sequence and appeared to be a pinkish orange colour. I could not actually see any solid craft, but the lights that I assume were on its edges were in a triangle shape, but flying with the point at the back!

This is not your normal triangle shape usually reported... I have tried to draw the object in the picture above. I have added the house so that you can see how large this craft was compared to an average sized house! I would estimate the object was approximately a mile above me and completely silent. I noticed that a guy was walking down the road towards me and he was staring at it too, we didn't at this point talk to each other (I think we were both too shocked at what we were observing) and he passed me and went down an alley (the funny thing is, my dog always barks at people approaching... but not on this occasion?... did he sense something too?). Anyway, after he passed I ran back home to get my brother out of bed to come see it... we went back outside and ran to a motorway bridge which is close to our house... and to my astonishment, this guy had actually doubled back to get a better look at the UFO from the bridge.. the craft by now was just moving over a hill which I guess is about 4-5 miles away from our house... it was still 3 inches wide at that distance... The other guy said he couldn't believe how big it was and that he couldnt hear any noise... that day reports were phoned into our local radio station. And I was told of reports in the local newspaper... although, oddly I couldn't find any of them?.



I would like to relate my very first UFO encounter to you, which got me interested in UFOs. This sighting I had when I was about 8 which was around 1975 and we were living at a house in a place called Hardwicke, which is about 4 miles out of Gloucester City. One night I looked out of the lounge window and saw a red light hovering.. didnt think much of it... until the next night...

I was looking at the local newspaper because my older brother and sister wouldn't let me into their room because I had been mucking about..(my mum and dad were out working at the time) and there on the front page was a story that said UFO's had been spotted over the Forest of Dean which is about 10 miles from our house.

Remembering what I had seen the night before, I decided to look out of the window again. To my amazement I saw a huge craft coming over the field behind our house... at this point I quickly ran to the room where my brother and sister were and almost hammered the door down until they came out... we ran back into the lounge and opened the french windows that led into the garden so that we could get a better look... by this time the craft was almost directly overhead. This thing was shaped like a flying hovercraft...with all the windows lit up and the lights in the windows were revolving... it had a red light on one end and a white on the other.. one at the back ..the other the front... we watched it slowly glide over the house.. it was about 100ft above us and noiseless!!!

I would estimate the size of it to be at least the size of a football pitch... it gradually went over the roof so we decided to get a better look out the front of the house. I would like to point out that it would have taken approximately 5 seconds to run from one side of the house to the other.  By the time we opened the front door... it had gone... no trace whatsoever and we could see quite a distance onto the horizon from there!!! This

This was my first ever UFO encounter, and I guess you could say that I was lucky that it was a mothership that I first encountered. Since then I have had numerous UFO encounters and would estimate that I have seen at least 20-30 to this day. Both myself, my brother and family also encountered ghosts and strange happenings at this house. I guess its true what they say, that people who attract UFOs also have numerous paranormal experiences??? How about you?

Dave Cosnette
Cosmic Conspiracies Webmaster and UFO Investigator

I also posted my sightings on the area51 newsgroup page which is run by egroups...
below are the replies I got.
From: "Eileen P.Bundy"
Subject: [area51] Re: Triangular Craft seen in the least a mile big
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 01:07:13 -0000

Hello Dave so pleased to hear from you. I live in Essex England and have not seen anything like that. But I will keep my eyes open. I hope that you don't mind but I have sent a copy of your email onto my UFO Group for their attention. Keep looking and reporting as you are not alone. Its people like you that I take my hat off to as not many people bother to say anything in case of being ridiculed. I wished that we had more like you. Good luck and many more sightings. My local UFO group is LUFOS (London UFO Studies)
It is run by Roy Lake and the email address is:-


Subject: Your sighting
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 15:15:55 EST
I saw your sighting on the net, and would like to print it in Filer's Files that go all the over world. We may be able to get someone else who saw it. I chased one over England while in the US Air Force.

George Filer

Several Spheres Filmed Flying Over Gloucestershire In the UK
The skies over our home county of Gloucestershire are a rich hunting ground for UFO-spotters, who report regular sightings of unusual aerial activity. The pictures shown here are from a video taken by Richard Lewis, of Gloucester, who contacted 'The Citizen' (our local newspaper) after he filmed a UFO over the city in June, 2000. He said: "There were two objects in the sky in a south south-west direction from my home near the city centre. The objects were, I estimate, around 30 miles distance and at a height of more than 10,000 feet." At first he thought the objects, over the Newnham-Forest of Dean area, were air balloons, but they began to move apart rapidly in opposite directions indicating some kind of powered movement. "Despite the apparent distance the objects were intensely black. I can't figure out why they disappeared from view as there was only a single high cloud near the objects in an otherwise clear sky."

Interestingly enough, 'Cosmic Conspiracies' was sent an Email from a guy called Eric Demaray in Michigan, USA, the very same week as this report was sent to us by 'The Citizen'. He too had photographed very similar spheres.

Heres a link to check out his pictures

More Spheres Spotted In England!
Greetings to all at Cosmic Conspiracies,
I have been viewing your web site over the last few days, and have found some very interesting items. I was very interested in UFOs when I was younger, but in recent years have become sceptical towards the subject. After reading reports from other members of the public, I have decided to send you a report off my one and only sighting to date.

I live in Southend on Sea, Essex, in the early summer of this year about May time I was at the sea front, i was looking out towards the old sea wreck that lays in the middle of the Thames Estuary, when i saw a silver ball that was sitting above the wreck, it didn't move and was visible to me for about 30 to 40 minutes, at which point it just seemed to fade away.
The ball itself appeared to be quite large and was sitting about fifty to one hundred feet above the wreck, it also was clearly defined and very visible.

The weather that day was hot and there was a clear blue sky, but as i looked at the wreck the coast line off Kent was obscured by what i guess was a sea mist. I hope this report will be of interest to you, as it has rekindled my interest in the UFO phenomen, as has your excellent web site.

Hundreds of Plane Passengers Witness UFO Over Peru
I was on a 727 flight from Talara, Peru to Lima in July of 1975 that took off at approximately 7:30 PM. The plane had a full passenger load and crew. I was seated in a window seat which faced the land side. We were cruising at normal altitude approximately 25,000 to 28,000 ft. The pilot turned on the intercom and announced that there was a UFO at approximately 11 o'clock over the left side of the plane (land side). I spotted a reddish pinkish object in the sky at approximately 45,000 ft. Because of the darkened sky it was hard to estimated how close the object was to the aircraft. The passengers on the right side (Pacific Ocean) side got up and rushed to the left side of the plane to get a view of the plane which upset the planes trim. The pilot announced that all passengers should return to their seats. He said that he would make a 360 degree turn so that all passengers could get a view of the object. He made the turn. The object at high speed dived below the Peruvian winter cloud layer. Several seconds later it returned to the same altitude and azimuth to our plane that it held before. We had a sighting of the UFO all the way into Lima, approximately 15 minutes until we descended below the Peruvian winter cloud layer on approach into the Lima airport. I had a chance to talk to the pilot and he said that he thought that the UFO had crashed when he descended at high speed through the winter cloud layer. Interesting enough was that all passengers were asked to sign the passenger list after getting off of the plane.

Jack Schweers
Albuquerque, N.M.

Witness encounters several UFOs including
'Mothership' and 'descending UFO'

February 1965, the small town of Kent, Ohio, population around 25,000. Location of Kent State University. The town was immersed by a tremendous blizzard. Snow lay several feet (3-4 feet) deep. At about 6 PM in deep February twilight I was leaving my parents home which was on four acres situated on a hill at the far northern edge of what was known as University Heights. Between their home and the Heights lay several acres covered by brambles and horse trails. Pulling out of their driveway onto Lake Street heading west I happened to glance back up at the house. I noticed a brilliant white light descending into the deserted area behind the house. I stopped the car so my nine year old daughter and I could watch the descent. As it approached the horizon the bright white light dimmed and a ring of blue white light appeared below it until it slowly settled to the ground. Mentally estimating the distance and size of what I first thought might be meteor, I realized it had to be a controlled craft that had landed behind the house.

I raced home and called my parents asking them to send my teenage brother out to check on
what was there. He was not home and they took it as a joke, my father refusing to wade through the deep snow to verify what I saw. It didn't occur to me to call the police, however I called a journalist for our local paper asking if anyone else had reported seeing anything similar. He laughed asking if I was sure it was not the moon....since the skies were crystal clear after this tremendous storm. He asked if he could report the sighting...I said sure. A brief blurb appeared in the Record Courier the following day. one else saw or bothered to report to them if they did see it. However, the exciting follow-up is that while I am seeing what appeared to be a small 'scout' ship landing behind the house, about 10 miles further north in a small burg called Shalersville over 70 people from a local trailer park watched what appeared to be a large cigar shaped 'mothership' hovering in the skies above them for over an hour. During this time they saw small 'scout' ships exiting and entering the mother ship. This was on the front page of the 'local news' published in the Akron Beacon Journal the following day. Needless to say I felt vindicated and I wondered how the reporter, who failed to follow up on my story, felt when he read the in depth report in the competitors paper?

During the next 20 or so years I saw evidence of continued UFO activity in this area with an actual landing of one of the mother ships taking place in a rural village called Brimfield, and witnessed by two cars-full of drivers who happened to be passing the site while driving on Route 18. I lived on Old Forge Road in Brimfield between the years 1975-1978. My bedroom sliders and deck faced south so when retiring at night I could clearly see these craft flying a regular east-west route on what appeared to be some kind of a schedule. There was a theory at that time that there was an underwater base for these craft located in the Berlin Reservoir. I am a licensed pilot in single engine aircraft with some time accumulated in twins and instrument flying.

While reading another report on your page about cloud UFOs (see below) it reminded me of another incident that happened in 1951, while honeymooning in Florida. We were lounging on a deserted east coast beach and observed a small cumulus cloud approaching at a very low altitude. It followed the coast line closely and it drew our attention because there were no other clouds anywhere in the vicinity. As it neared us we noticed that, although there was no wind, the cloud itself was roiling and swirling internally and we began to hear clanging and banging coming from within the cloud. Really sounded like someone making repairs to a mechanical metal object. We were never able to see into the cloud but watched it continue it's slow deliberate pace south down the coastline. Radio newscasts later that day carried humorous reports from numerous people on this noisy little cloud as it progressed down the coastline of the state to Miami and the Keys. The following day newspaper reports appeared...but there was no indication of it ever being 'checked out' by any authorities. Some one knew something I'm sure.

My most recent sighting occured about 7 or 8 years ago while driving by the Canton/Akron
Airport on interstate 76. It was verified by radio reports of the tower radar picking up an unidentified craft near the airport demonstrating unknown aeronautical maneuvers in the area for well over an hour. Whoever they are it appears they do want us to know they are here. Since that time I live amongst towering trees and have not been doing much don't seem in a position to do any more spotting. Darn!!!

Pat Pfeffer


Strange Encounter with an Orange UFO!!!
Hi my name is Sandra Head, I am a 27 year old microbiology student at the University of Kent at Canterbury, I have a husband David and a son Dean - so quite normal and of sometimes of sound mind!

I have a UFO story, well I dont actually know what it was, maybe you can help me.?
When I was about 9 years old I was on the top bunk in my bedroom. It was a round 9 pm or so. I was facing the bedroom window as I hadnt been in bed long and wasnt sleepy. From my bedroom window the view was boring, just the side of another house and an alley way the street light was about 3 house's further up. (The address was 13 Meadow Dell, Hatfield, Herts.) Basically it was very dark and not much to be seen.

This particular night I saw a huge yellow/orange ball, like the sun. It filled up almost all the window. I looked at it for a very short period of time as, understandibly, I was absolutely shit scared. I dived under my covers and STAYED there. I dont know how long it was before I looked back up, but I never saw it again. The reason I looked at your site is because Ive been watching alot of UFO stuff on Sky just recently, and this glowing ball thing was mentioned and it jogged my memory. It was a very frightening experience for me.

Red Glowing Moon-Sized UFO Spotted

Dear Dave,

Here is an account of the UFO's which I have seen

On November 5th, 1990 at approx. 1 am, I was getting ready to go to bed for the evening. My husband, children, and my sister who was visiting, had already turned in for the evening. I had been watching an "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" movie with my brother-inlaw, when I looked up at the clock. Realizing it was way past my bedtime I got up to lock the sliding glass doors to our balcony. At the time we were living on the 10th floor of an apt. building, and as I had young chidren it was my habit to make sure those doors were locked. I will also mention this apartment had a SSE exposure with a clear view of Lake Ontario, and the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. As I went to lock the door I observed a large, red, glowing orb. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. In my pyjamas I stepped out onto the balcony. I noted that the orb seemed to be in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. My mind raced with all the possibilities, a plane, a search light, quickly discounting each. I yelled out for my brother in law who was at my side in seconds. I was yelling "what is it, what is it"?!! He started yelling "it's a UFO". He had grabbed my arm, and I glanced down to see gooseflesh. Almost immediately after he said that, the full moon sized orb, began to pulsate. And for some inexplicable reason, for which I cannot fathom I said "they know we can see them". I include this statement despite the fact it goes against my credibility as a witness. There are too many others who have come forward with their experiences, for me to lack the bravery to be completely truthful with my recounting of this event. After the pulsating the UFO which appeared octagon in shape imploded on itself, turning to a speck, and shooting straight up. At this point my brother in law's memory and mine differ. He says he saw the orb implode, but not shoot up into the sky. I cannot explain the difference in our memories. I looked down towards the street and saw a single car driving eastward. I remember thinking we cannot be alone in seeing this. We went inside, and sat up in the kitchen discussing everything within our own experiences that could rationally explain what we had witnessed (despite my strange comment of a "them").. We were up until 4 am. and I ran back to the sliding glass doors a few times that night to see if the orb had returned. It didn't, nor have we ever seen anything like it since.

Click Here For MUFON's Investigation into our UFO sighting.................... My brother in law and I failed to report our sighting immediately. We both were afraid of, nor did not want to put up with ridicule. This was a big mistake. While events such as what we experienced tend to be burned into the brain, time has a way of diminishing the memory. Who knows what small seemingly insignificant detail could be lost, that actually maybe of great importance to an investigator. Fear of ridicule should never be a factor in what may prove to be the greatest discovery in our history, the existence of intelligent, extraterrestrial life forms!

This is another strange sighting I had with my husband. In this case I believe it was a man-made aircraft. In Oct. 1998, early evening, my husband and I were pulling into a Wal-Mart parking lot. We both observed a strange light approaching us from the west. We determined it was a plane, however as we got out of our vehicle we continued to watch it's approach. As it flew over head at a fairly low altitude, we observed it was about the size of a 727, with a v-wing, and completely soundless!! At the altitude this aircraft was flying the sound should have been quite loud. We watched as this aircraft continued on it's eastward course. When it was finally out of view we continued on to our shopping, puzzled by what we had seen. I should mention that others in the parking lot began to stare upwards as we did. I estimate this aircraft was observed by at least 20 others. To date I have no explanation for it. I speculate it could have been an experimental, military in origin, aircraft. If so than who's? And with what technology? Remember it was completely soundless at a low altitude. And finally what was it doing flying over a large urban centre? I would now like to take the opportunity to thank, and acknowledge MUFON investigator Todd Lemire for his investigation of our orb sighting. Thank you Todd for your hard work, and dedication while researching this truly astounding phenomenon that we witnessed. Your professionalism, and ethics while conducting this investigation are not only apparent, but gratefully appreciated. Thank you very much! I believe that it will be through the efforts of forward thinking persons such as Mr. Lemire that we will finally have the answers to the enigma that is the UFO phenomenon.



Witness encounters hovering triangular
UFO that follows her home!
In 1994 ,I lived in Kingsport,Tennessee.That's in the northeast corner of the state.One night, I went to Johnson city which is about twenty miles away.On the way back home,it was around 11:00 p.m.I saw,what I thought was a plane go from south to north. I was headed east, to get on to the ramp to enter highway 81. Anyway, it suddenly stopped and reversed it's course. It was hovering over the ramp. I would say it was about fifty feet up.I could only make out the lights. They were in a triangular shape and the object was very small. It was the size of a volkswagon beetle. I proceeded home, headed north, with that thing following me. Up there ,at night,you can see all the stars.I thought that's what I was seeing as I drove the twenty miles home, but when I got there I looked up,only to see this object hovering over me.

I wanted only to run up stairs and get my binoculars so I could get a better look. It was very hard to see,even though it was only about thirty feet above me. I could only see the lights.I rounded the corner of the building only to see another object coming towards me from another direction.This one was round,and glowing red and very, very low. I ran up stairs and grabbed my husband,and went out on the balcony. I saw the object that followed me home again,glide by
my balcony with no sound, and disappear into the night sky. I don't know what happened to the red one.The sight of that thing scared me,and I got out of there.The funny thing about it,was my husband didn't remember anything about it the next day.There didn't seem to be any missing time either. At the time I was involved in a ufo group,and that's where I had been that night. Dr.Steven Greer had been our guest speaker that night!

Sincerely asstar


For more than a quarter century I have been a seriousstudent/observer of the UFO phenomena. Indeed it has been a lifelong interest, since I first heard about them as a child. Along the way the
knowledge of space ships hiding in clouds, or more correctly stated, creating a cloud around itself to camouflage it, came to me. Since I heard of it from only one source, I simply "shelfed" the info. The day came when I learned from personal experience the overwhelming reality of it!

I live in the middle of the North American continent, state of Minnesota, USA, and had done some flying of small planes and hot air balloons earlier in life, which necessitated the learning of weather, cloud formations, behavior, etc. This all came in handy one January first a few years ago while driving on a long trip from Denver, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico along interstate highway 25. We were on our way from Minnesota to Arizona for a winter vacation.

The land in that region is flat and deserty with "gum drop shaped" outcroppings of small mountains just jutting up from the desert floor. While driving along just enjoying this scenery, I noted two such "mountains" directly ahead of me several miles. Suddenly I saw a most beautiful lenticular cloud just hanging off the edge, or upper lip, of this hill, in an otherwise clear sky!? I immediately became suspicious and fastened my attention on it. Sure enough, after a couple minutes this "cloud" began to drift away from the hill, and as it did, it changed from a lenticular cloud to a cumulous cloud! This was getting VERY EXCITING!

It began to drift over to my right and appear to be coming our way. My wife and toddler were in the car too, so pointed it out to her soshe could watch also. I had long been a "believer" and understood that these intelligent people commonly communicate telepathically. Itis the universal language, you know! So I sent my messages to them , telling them that I knew they could receive mine, but unfortunately I could not receive theirs. I stopped and even took a couple of pictures, which turned out to be meaningless as it was just a simple 35mm camera.

We continued on, and finally it was directly to our right. Suddenly we came upon a town which had a lot of trees around it so lost sight of it. The road took us around the edge of town and we noticed the towncenter was down in a valley, while we were high over it. Suddenly I saw my "ship" hovering low over the town center. Couldn't help wondering what they were doing so low over the city! Well the treesgot in the way again and as we left town we decided to stop at a small cafe for a break. I thought that was the end of it, and was thankfulfor that much.

About a half hour later we were back on the road, screaming south at 60 miles per hour. After a while I happened to look directly off to the right and was about shocked to see my "cloud" right along side us again! And drifting along at exactly our own speed! What a coincidence! What luck! It was perhaps about 500 to 1000 feet up. The size of the cloud was difficult to judge, but I could imagine a shipseveral times the size of a Boeing 747 in there. We never saw any hardware, but the cloud formation shifted in details constantly, but held the same general configuration. What was inside could have been saucer shaped, or cigar shaped. Or who knows what?!

Soon our toddler had to make a potty stop so we looked for a place. A road side rest stop conveniently came up, so I pulled in. The parkinglot was empty (maybe something to do with the New Year holiday) so I had no problem lining the car up just right so I could watch my "cloud" drift down the countryside and out of sight. I immediately set up reference points on the horizon to watch it's progress. They wentin and I watched. Guess what! IT ALSO STOPPED! I could hardly believe it! Double checked my references. Sure enough! There it hung. Wouldn't move a bit. A cloud just hanging in one spot, while the upper layers of clouds were moving along at a good clip. It had clouded over since first seeing this thing, which always stayed below the lowest cloud layer during the five hours this episode lasted. Andalong the many hundreds of miles traveled that afternoon, the sky changed several times from clear to overcast, and partly cloudy. At clear times we often saw many jet vapor trails criss crossing the sky. But this thing was always definitely under control and stayed close to the ground.

Back at the parking lot I watched and waited. Waited and watched. What's taking them so long? I thought they both fell in. A potty stop should only take a few minutes. It's been 20 minutes or so already! Iwent to check. No big deal, just a constipation problem it seemed. First time in his life I think. Strange, I thought. Oh well, thatgave me more time to watch my stationary cloud in the sky. I wondered if anyone else was seeing it. No, people just don't pay any attentionto the sky and it's clouds. What a fantastic cover for them! To be soclose, snoop around, and never be even suspected!

They finally came out and we hit the road again, heading south at 60 miles per hour. And so did my cloud! It settled in it's track along side our car, maintaining the same speed we kept. We needed to make about 6 or 7 hundred miles that day, so we just kept driving. This thing took up a position so I could see it in the lower portion of mywindshield as we drove along, and that is where it kept itself for the next 150 miles down the road! For that last 3 hours I could alwaysspot it there, until it got so dark nothing could be seen!

I felt as though "they" were honoring me for my recognition of them after stumbling onto this sighting. However, in reflecting back overthe event, and in light of other things that have taken place in my life, I am more and more convinced that this event was probably a "set up", a personal experience meant for me. It was an "out in the open" event, but all in all, basically a private one as well. I am not aware off anyone else being aware of what we were experiencing, due to the nature of it.

So there it is. Believe it or not. I know what I saw and experienced. Perhaps my story will inspire others to "watch the clouds"! You neverknow what you might see!


Here is a very interesting letter we had from a UFO Research Group in the Ukraine

Dear Dave,
My name is Alexander Beletsky. I am Vice-Director of Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP) - an independent scientific-research body, established in Kharkov (Ukraine) a few years ago. We aim at scientific studies in the fields of the UFO problem and the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) question. The Institute makes its investigations in close collaboration with the CIS Academy of Cosmonautics and Russian Academy of Sciences. Please find here attached (as Appendix I) a RIAP Information Leaflet, describing the Institute's research programs in some detail.

To inform the international ufological community about the results of investigations that are conducted by RIAP specialists and other scientists in the territory of the former Soviet Union, we started, in 1994, a special periodical: newsletter RIAP Bulletin (RB). It is the ONLY serious anomalistic periodical in the Commonwealth of Independent States published IN ENGLISH. They appear in RB research articles, short communications, book reviews, letters to the Editor, etc.

RB Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4 - Vol. 4, Nos. 1-4 have been printed and sent to subscribers. They contain, in particular, the papers "Post-Soviet Ufology: a View from Inside" and "Alternative Science?", by
V.V.Rubtsov; "UFOs as Objects of Study by Terrestrial Physics", by V.A.Buerakov; "Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon: A Justification", by A.V.Arkhipov; "UFOs: a Possible Mechanism of
Formation, Behavior and Environmental Impact", by V.I.Mazhuga; "The Petrozavodsk Phenomenon", by L.M.Gindilis & Y.K.Kolpakov; "The Black Ball: a Supposed Extraterrestrial Artifact", by V.N.Fomenko; "A Second UFO Landing on the River Mzha", by a group of RIAP scientists, and others. We have also published the first really comprehensive survey of anomalous features of the famous Tunguska explosion ("The Tunguska Meteorite: A Dead-Lock or the Start of a New Stage of Inquiry?"), written by the leading Russian specialist in this problem - Nikolay V. Vasilyev, Member of Academy.

RIAP Bulletin is published four times per year. Subscription rates: a life-long subscription - $100; 12 issues (three years) - $50; 8 issues (two years) - $35; 4 issues (one year) - $20. Airmail postage included. Back issues are still available in limited quantities ($5 per issue, $50 a whole set - eleven issues).

If you are interested in subscribing to RIAP Bulletin, please let me know. I and my colleagues would be happy to inform you about advances and prospects of ufological studies in this part of the world. There will appear in the next RB issues, in particular, the following papers: "A Possible Genetic Trace of the Tunguska Catastrophe of 1908", by Y.G.Rychkov; "UFOs: False and Genuine", by the Russian academic UFO expert Y.V.Platov; "Did the Maori Know About the Rings of Jupiter?", by Y.N.Morozov, and many others.

With all my best wishes and warmest regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours, Alexander V. Beletsky, M.A., Vice-Director, RIAP

Appendix I


The principal trends of researches of the institute in the UFO field are as follows: creation of an efficient system of reconstruction of a real anomalous event on the basis of witnesses' testimonies; formation of a unified CIS UFO data base (in collaboration with the Expert Group on Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomena of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and a computer expert system to identify genuine UFOs (GUFOs); development of physical models of GUFOs; monitoring of a place of recurrent UFO landings on the river Mzha, near Kharkov; studies in the hidden history of Soviet ufology.

In the SETI field, there was realized, under the guidance of Alexey V. Arkhipov, phase I of the program "Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon" (SAAM) and its results were presented on the pages of RIAP Bulletin. Besides, we have been examining some enigmatic finds that can be considered candidate extraterrestrial artifacts (ancient, or not so ancient). These are the so-called "Kassimov ball" - a small (diameter some 4.5 cm) black ball of unknown origin, found in Central Russia in 1983 on the depth 7 meters, in a layer of pure red clay, - and the remains of a strange object that obviously originated from space and fell down near Kharkov in 1994 (judging from its chemical composition, it is neither a meteorite, nor terrestrial space junk).

The institute pays considerable attention to the problem of the Tunguska explosion of 1908. We are studying statistical parameters of the forest fall area, as well as the biogeochemical elemental and isotopic anomalies and population-genetic effects, revealed in the area of the catastrophe. A state-of-the-art collection of research papers on the Tunguska problem is now under preparation.

The Scientific Council and Advisory Board of the Institute include such Russian and Ukrainian specialists in the UFO problem and SETI field as Dr. E.A.Ermilov (specialist in radio detection of
aerial anomalous phenomena), Dr. V.N.Fomenko (investigator of the famous Vashka find, as well as other supposed ET artifacts), Y.A.Fomin (doyen of UFO studies in Russia), Dr. L.M.Gindilis (astronomer and SETI expert), Dr. Y.V.Platov (Vice-Chairman of the Academic UFO Study Group), Dr. V.K.Zhuravlev (investigator of the Tunguska explosion), and others. The Advisory Board comprehends also a group of well-known Western scientists, scholars and engineers - V.-J.Ballester Olmos (Spain), Dr. T.E.Bullard (USA), Dr. R.F.Haines (USA), Dr. A.Meessen (Belgium), et al. Dr. Vladimr V. Rubtsov, Full Member of the CIS Academy of Cosmonautics and one of pioneers of ufological studies in the former USSR, is Director of RIAP.

Remember... If you have an interesting UFO story to tell, Email Us, we will add it to this page.