Nature Of The Men In Black

The Hollywood blockbuster ”Men in Black” brought this mysterious group of individuals to the attention of the public in a snappy and humorous way.  It beautifully portrayed the ease with which legitimate sightings of UFOs/aliens can be debunked when the witness is willing to believe any explanation to explain away the paradigm-altering revelation they were just witness to.  As an aside, it could be argued that a well produced movie that puts UFOs in a favourable light will sway public opinion behind the E.T.H. far better than any well documented case in the real world.  That’s not to say that a scientific approach to Ufology isn’t vital, only that it isn’t terribly accessible to many people.

The Men In Black appear to have some basis in fact, although they seem far more sinister than their benevolent portrayal in the film.  They tend to work in groups, visiting close encounter witnesses in an effort to silence them, or at least discourage further investigation of their claims.  The true nature of these individuals is far from clear.

For a start, the choice of  UFO witness they visit is often counter-intuitive.  Sometimes a relatively minor observation by a disinterested party prompts their intervention, thereby only serving to stoke up an otherwise bland case.  The vast majority of witnesses, even of major UFO flaps, will never encounter them.  Clearly, the issue at stake is not merely the impending publicity of a new UFO case.  So this would suggest a government agency intervening in a situation where national security is at stake, perhaps where cutting edge terrestrial technology is compromised.

But, as ever in Ufology, things are not as straightforward as they seem.  Many “victims” of MIBs tell of telepathic powers, mind control tricks and paranormal auras.  These other-worldly aspects lead some commentators to argue that MIBs are an intrinsic part of the UFO phenomenon itself.  Adherents of the hypothesis that aliens are among us will not be surprised by this conclusion, but to many it smacks of paranoia, X-Files style.

Another suggestion put forward by the Whitehall ufologist Nick Pope is that MIBs are merely “Walter Mitty” types, in other words private individuals out to have a bit of a laugh.  This may be so in a few cases, but it falls far short of a broad-based solution.  In contrast, Nick Redfern’s research has uncovered cases where government agents, perhaps operating out of the fabled Rudloe Manor, have covertly made their presence felt, despite strong government denials.

Perhaps the facts point in the direction taken by the Hollywood movie!  Perhaps the MIBs represent the covert action of New World Order intelligence agencies that contain certain other-worldly, post-Roswell era elements to them.  In other words, ultra secret psychic warfare capabilities, even hybrid individuals.  This is conjecture, of course, but it is a hypothesis that is in broad agreement with the facts.  The problem would be proving it.

I would recommend Jenny Randles’ book “MIB: Investigating the Truth Behind the Men In Black Phenomenon” to those interested in looking through some case histories and, of course, we at Cosmic Conspiracies will keep you updated on developments that come to light.

Who Are The Men In Black?

There are three main theories which attempt to explain who, or what, the MEN IN BLACK are. The first suggests that the MIB are in the employ of a secretive government agency, or an unknown branch of the CIA or Ministry of Defence.  This is a theory favoured by those who are fond of conspiracies and assume that the governments are aware of the existence of UFOs. Another argument suggests that the MIB are a figment of the witness' imagination or a hallucination.  However , although there are many cases of MIB sightings appearing to a lone witness, there are many well documented cases from multiple witnesses. It is highly unlikely that all of these individuals suffered from some form of mass hallucination.  The final theory suggests that the Men In Black are of an extraterrestrial origin and that they are 'androids' sent to silence UFO witnesses.  This wild suggestion is certainly substantiated by witness' accounts of the Men In Blacks androidian behaviour. If you'd recall, in the movie 'Men In Black', these gentlemen are portrayed as serious-looking agents, garbed in black suits, and generally poised the way the Secret Service and even bodyguards in texas hold em casinos are.

How To Recognise A M.I.B.

The Men In Black (MIB) are mysterious characters who are known to question, threaten and harass UFO witnesses and researchers.

Below we have listed the physical attributes and characteristics which are associated with the MIB.

M.I.B. Characteristics