Massive UFO Fleet Filmed Over The UK

Large fleet of UFOs over the M25 - click to enlarge

Having recently reported on what seems to be an increase in UFO sightings over the UK in the past few months, a reader has come up with the goods and sent in some outstanding film footage and photos of what must be the biggest ever UFO fleet filmed over the UK! What you are about to see is very similar to the UFO fleets filmed over Mexico City in the early 1990's.

We were contacted by Gene Harley on the evening of October 20th, who said that he had just seen a gigantic fleet of UFOs flying close to the M25,  which he managed to film on his mobile phone camera.

Gene spotted the strange anomaly in the sky whilst driving along the M25 with a group of friends which included David Kedwell. He stopped the car and retrieved his digital camera from the boot, which for some unknown reason decided not to work (a classic phenomena related to UFO encounters).


Luckily, Gene had his mobile phone on him which incorporated a small camera and he took the photos and film footage that you see here. The still photographs do not accurately show the craft as they appear in the film footage - the reason is because of obvious camera shake which slightly distorts the actual shape of the objects caught on film.

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Gene was travelling clockwise on the M25, around 8:15pm on the evening of Thursday October 20th 2005. The UFOs were travelling somewhere between Potters Bar and Enfield, which is in Middlesex near London. There appeared to be at least 50 brightly illuminated flying objects, in a scattered, fixed formation heading roughly West to East away from the M25.  It took about 4 minutes for the objects to pass over and head out of sight. Gene claims that none of the drivers on the motorway seemed to spot the giant fleet which was moving above them.

He estimates that his group was looking up at the objects at about a 45 degree angle and that there seemed to be a fair amount of aircraft activity at the time.

This leaves us with the question whether any of the pilots reported this incident to Stanstead, Heathrow or Gatwick airports? We hope to contact the airports and ask this question in the next few days. Gene has contacted the local media in his area, including the BBC and local news outlets, however, none of them seemed interested in his story which seems odd?

One of the most amazing features that we can see in the footage is that each light seems to be flashing individually between white and red. This pretty much rules out the idea that this could be a plane because they only have a couple of flashing lights on the wings.

A few of our readers have suggested that this footage could show birds. From personal experience, we have seen birds lit up at night as they fly over head, illuminated by a strong light source, but we found that they were only visible to the naked eye at a very close distance . The footage here suggests that the objects were quite a way from the camera and also take into consideration that Gene and his friends saw these objects for approximately 4 minutes as they travelled towards the horizon. The bird theory does not explain the flashing white/red lights. If the birds were reflecting light from the motorway (headlights and brake lights) then the light reflected on the birds would either be red or white, not both. (see update below)

Without a doubt, this footage is the best we have seen of a UFO fleet anywhere, let alone over our home shores of the UK. We thank Gene Harley for providing us with the footage and for his cooperation with our ongoing investigations into this incident.

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Update - October 25th
More Witnesses Come Forward

Gene Harley has recently contacted us with an update. Apparently, the BBC in his area finally got their act together and have come up with the theory that the objects are probably Thai lanterns which were launched from a nearby wedding party. He disagrees. According to an employee from a company called 'Sky Lanterns' that imports them, they only last for 10 minutes anyway - so that does not explain how they could have been seen over an hour later and spotted by eyewitnesses more than 20 miles apart (see update below).

Gene claims that the objects could not have been birds, as some readers have suggested, because they were still illuminated as they flew above the dark fields which were miles away from the lights of the M25 and any other light source.

We have also received a very interesting Email from a reader called Rachel which basically backs up Gene Harley's sighting which occurred on the same day:

'On Thursday 20th October I was travelling along the M25 with a friend and we saw a similar sight to that mentioned on your website. Somewhere close to Potter's Bar we saw a row of between 20 and 30 lights ahead of us that looked like suspended street lights but at the height of aircraft and much bigger. Very strange sight that we could not explain. The lights were static because we drove under them. People in other cars were staring up as we were and one guy even stopped on the hard shoulder to take a picture with his phone.

Couldn't explain it so searched on the web, and found your site... thought you might be interested.'

Maybe the cameraman with the phone was actually Gene Harley? Its nice to have another witness come forward and substantiate what another reader has seen.

Another reader has sent in his sighting, encountered only a few miles from where Gene Harley first spotted the UFO fleet.

'On Thursday 20th October I finished work in Chigwell at 9.05pm and drove along my normal route to Ongar. Approximately 9.15pm half way along the A113 London road to Ongar and approximately 1/2 mile before Stapleford Rivers, I noticed a number of cars parked in the few parking bays alongside the road.

Looking up to my right, I could see the moon partly sheltered by cloud, and surrounding it were a number of bright lights. Initially I thought they were stars, however they were far brighter than I had previously seen. Slowing down I paid more attention to the scene. As the cloud started clearing I was able to make about 70-80 orangey bright lights, similar to street lights. They were stationary and appeared to be the approximate height of long distance aircraft.

The lights were stationary and surrounded the shape of the moon. I continued driving for approximately a further minute. By this time, the cloud had covered the moon totally, yet through a clearing I was still able to make out a dozen or so lights of the same shape size and colour as previously seen. There was a difference this time as there was a more apparent glowing light in the centre of the others which appeared to be flickering and moving. The cloud eventually masked the whole view. To all readers, make of it what you will. However I cannot for the life of me explain such a vision'

We have made a map representation of the area where the UFOs were seen together with the approximate locations of the witnesses as they encountered them.

A Map representation of where the UFO fleet was spotted by the three independent eye witnesses

Why this phenomena isn't Thai lanterns

Thai LanternsOver the past 24 hours we have noticed several thousands of visits from members of a website that kindly featured this story. On their site there is an area to discuss the stories on their site - obviously this story has generated a lot of interest and questions amongst its readers. One such belief is that this phenomenon are Thai lanterns as suggested by the local press in the area. However, on further investigation, we have chanced upon another similar story that surfaced in Bishops Stortford in April earlier this year (as reported in the Bishops Stortford Citizen).

In their article they quote Grant Barry, from Stapleford Abbotts, whose company Sky Lanterns imports the lanterns.

Mr. Barry said: "They're like tissue paper with a bamboo frame. They're lit and float up into the night sky. It's like a fireworks display, but it's quiet, more tranquil, more peaceful than a fireworks display. They go for about ten minutes, burn out and then come down slowly. It's a breath-taking experience."

If you consider that the eyewitnesses were spaced out more than 20 miles apart and that these objects were seen for over an hour, it pretty much discredits the 'official' explanation that the lights were Thai lanterns. It would mean that for one of these objects to travel the 20 or so mile distance in just 10 minutes (the time that they burn for) they would have had to be travelling at 120mph or 2 miles per minute!

If anyone else spotted these UFOs on the evening of October 20th 2005, please contact us at with your report or ring our UFO hotline on 07963 961706

Here's another Email from a reader who saw similar objects back in the summer of 2005.

I'm e-mailing in regards to the 'UFO-fleet' video over the UK featured on your website.  Whilst I wish I had photos or better, video, I'm afraid I haven't, but I've seen something remarkably similar which someone simply must have filmed/photographed given the time they were there.  It happened in July 2005.  We were driving on the 'M2' motorway on route to leave Kent, when I looked up in the sky and saw what at first we (myself and the driver) thought were just particularly bright stars.  After a while, more began to 'appear' and we noticed that they were all slowly moving to the west.  After this, we decided it must have been planes circling in readiness to land at Gatwick or Heathrow, but it didn't make sense for that amount unless there was some kind of major incident.  After another ten minutes of driving, there were still more of these moving across the sky and I don't think I'm exaggerating by saying that there must have been more than 30 or so in the end.  I KNOW other drivers saw it as you could see people slowing down and passengers looking in the same direction.  But then they just seemed to dim away into the distance.  I find it seriously hard to describe it but that's the only way I can, what makes it worse is that everyone looks at me as if Im crazy when explaining it but I can say with my hand on my heart that it happened.  It may be late or irrelevant to that case, but thought i'd share with you anyway.
On another note, a bright green light was seen very briefly above clouds, so bright that it illuminated the cloud it was directly above in November of 2005.  It was very early in the morning, no later that 2 am and was spotted by multiple people, again this happened in Kent, near Maidstone.  Were any other incidents reported that you know of?  I put this down to a meteor at the time, it was amazing to see no matter what it was.
Thank you,

Editors Note: Its hard to explain what you sighted, but it sounds very similar to what Gene Harley and the other witnesses saw. The green light may well have been a meteorite as there were similar reports in our area too.

Thanks to Gene Harley for sending us the photos and video clip and
to the other witnesses who have forwarded their accounts to us.

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