The Calling

If you have your speakers turned on, you may have noticed the beautiful background music that is playing on this page. This is just a sample of a song named 'The Calling'. The beautiful voice you hear singing is that of Pauline Alexander, a wee Scottish lass.  Throughout her schooling, Pauline always had a natural love of music, art, drama, etc and, after graduating from high school, she duly completed her H.N.C. in Performing Arts at a college of further education.

Now in her twenties, Pauline has worked in the field of drama with young children and is currently an after-school play-leader, again working with young children. Pauline by chance met up with Scottish studio owner, Clark Sorley, and has recently started to perform on a variety of recording projects with up and coming songwriters.

'The Calling' is the result of one such recording session. The song clearly affirms the belief that, as beings on this small planet, we are definitely “not alone” and it is the first of a series of songs that are set to bring a whole new dimension to this vitally important field of work. 

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