Was Travis Walton Abducted By Aliens?

There are five different types of close encounters with UFO's and Aliens... these are as follows:

A UFO seen at close range, but not affecting the environment

Similar to encounter 1, but with an effect to environment such as scorched earth or some electrical anomaly - i.e. car engine stopping or lights going out etc

Occupants can be seen at close quarters, but not necessarily involving any interaction with them

You are invited on board for tea !! abduction or contact where often the beings have a message or perform some kind of examination and may even have an implant inserted for reasons we can only guess

You are beamed up never to return

In this section we deal with close encounters of the fourth and fifth kind, abductions and we include some of our readers experiences - EXCLUSIVE to this site!

Without doubt this is the most controversial area of UFOlogy. Yet it arguably attracts the most interest from academics.  A possible reason for this is the perceived cross-over into the more academic pursuit of Psychology.  Whilst the application of academic vigour is certainly welcomed in the field, it has its pitfalls.  One of them is that of association with the rest of UFOlogy, in that any academic findings that shed a negative light on the abductees’ claims will inevitably reflect negatively on the whole of UFOlogy.  Perhaps that is why the more mainstream sections of UFOlogy avoid the subject.  We at Cosmic Conspiracies feel this is a mistake, and that the abductees have just as much right to have their claims looked into as conventional UFO witnesses.  We thoroughly support the groundbreaking work of Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs, Tony Dodd and even Sue Blackmore, who pursues a different direction with this subject.

For those of you who think that this subject is purely a psychological one, or an aberration of our brain’s unfathomable functionality, we would ask you to think again.  Several abduction cases have been witnessed by independent third parties, for example, the infamous Brooklyn Bridge case with its multifaceted development.  The classic case of Betty and Barney Hill preceded the modern interest shown by the media, and thus countering claims that the whole genre was borne out of the B-movie era. There is also a pattern of consistency to abduction cases that supports the input of a third party, be it aliens or secret government.

At the same time we recognize that the abductees’ minds are often altered by their experiences in some way, which complicates the picture greatly.  The widespread use of hypnotherapy to “extract” the truth from an otherwise clouded memory is often necessary to bridge the schism caused by the mind-control-repression.  But it opens researchers wide open to accusations of creating the evidence through leading the hypnotized witness to give acceptable answers.  It would therefore be wise to recognize that very often hypnotherapy is not required to access these hidden memories.  Often the memories are very much at the forefront of the abductee’s mind.  I’m sure Whitley Strieber would have much to add here. If one were to accept that the abduction phenomenon is for real, then the implications are far reaching. The authorities never tire of telling UFO researchers that, whatever the nature of the sighting they’re investigating, the government have no interest because it has absolutely no defence significance. But here we have a large group of people being abducted from their homes against their will, and then having experiments conducted upon them by strange beings.  The procedures used are invasive, painful and psychologically damaging.  The beings act with complete impunity as if we humans were no better than laboratory specimens.  This situation, if true, is clearly incongruous with the stance of “no defence significance”.

Perhaps the military are not yet able to counter the threat, but can merely stand by helpless, and deny the problem is even happening.  If so, then abductees are being treated like many victims of sexual abuse in the not so distant past.  They are being treated as if they are the problem, not the victim.  This only serves to add insult to injury.

Cosmic Conspiracies recently contacted Dr Richard Boylan to ask if he would give us further insight regarding his ET encounters, as hinted in his book 'Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind'. Dr Boylan was kind enough to forward this article of his encounters, which we are eternally grateful.

Dr. Richard Boylan's Close Encounter

How does a psychologist begin to talk about contact by extraterrestrials? As I write this , I am still strongly influenced by the popular culture's carefully sculpted attitude of scoffing at extraterrestrial contact. And, of course, I have my professional position to think about. Then, too, the disclosure work I have done on covert weapons and operations of the "Black Budget" side of government has earned me scores of warnings from ex-military and "ex- "Intelligence types. Given the focus of the CIA and Defense Intelligence on psychological warfare, psychotronics and mind control, am I not giving them further keys to my mind by making open the intimate details of my close encounter experiences? However, to tell the truth, I am driven by a sense of mission to tell this truth and damn the consequences. It has become increasingly clear to me that this sense of mission comes from my extraterrestrial contacts. But, lest I sound like a galactic version of the Manchurian Candidate, let me affirm that I probably would have done it anyway. Telling the truth in the face of the Big Lie has always been important to me. So, here goes.

In reporting Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (CE-IV's), I shall omit the possible, but not certain, incidents of my earlier life. Such would include an unseen, silent mystery "helicopter?" that shone an intense beam of white light down on our car and the roadside hill, as my girlfriend Donna and I were driving between Mokelumne Hill and San Andreas, CA on Highway 49 on a summer night in 1984.

Or the intense light that lit up my surroundings and woke me up around 4:30 a.m. in 1952, as I, age 12, slept on a Boy Scout camp out in the Eastern California desert near the Nevada line. I assumed it was the light from an atomic bomb test due to go off that morning at the Nevada Test Site. So I groggily went back to sleep, only to be reawakened about an hour later by the flashbulb-bright light burst of the actual atom bomb, complete with delayed faint rumble sound from the East. I remember wondering puzzledly about "two" test shots so close together, when normally they are spaced weeks apart. Leaving aside the unclear incidents, I will concentrate on what is certain. My sure Close Encounters are two, plus some "minor" incidents.

My first sure Close Encounter took place from about 11:20 p.m., April 12, until 12:20 a.m. April 13, 1992 on a lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 180 in southern New Mexico.

The second Close Encounter occurred along an equally lonely stretch of Nevada State Highway 375 about 100 miles north of Las Vegas on the night of November 30, 1992. Both encounters took place, perhaps not coincidentally, while I was engaged in covert reconnoitering of areas having classified UFO/Star Wars bases.

To put my first Close Encounter into perspective, the reader should know that this CE-IV took place on the fifth day of an intensive reconnaissance tour I made of secret UFO bases, Star Wars weapons labs, and Black Budget test ranges of the U.S. Southwest. I made this Grand Tour after four months of intense reading up on the latest information on these topics. My intensity came from some source outside of my usual curiosity. During the portion of the tour before I had my CE-IV, I had already reconnoitered: [cf. footnote 1] a secret, undeclared missile battery at Deep Springs, CA, protecting the western approaches to  classified bases in mid-Nevada; the Department of Energy's secret Tonopah (Star Wars weapons) Test Range; the Above-Top-Secret Area 51 and Area S-4 bases where I actually saw the U.S. flying its own homemade flying saucers; the anomalous support facilities to the Archuleta Mesa installation near Dulce, NM, where multiple UFO sightings and cattle mutilations have been reported; the Los Alamos National Laboratories' antimatter and biological weapons, and extraterrestrial biological research facilities; the Sandia National Laboratories at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque where I discovered controlled, self-sustaining, compact, magnetically- contained nuclear fusion available as a powerplant or source of SDI weapon energy, and 100- trillion-volt electro- magnetic-pulse weapons development; the classified-Umbra National Solar Observatory at Sunspot, NM where USAF scientists research spaceflight effects of geomagnetics; and the adjacent National Security Agency's ELMINT Sacramento Peak Frequency Surveillance Station (under cover of U.S. Army) which monitors electromagnetic intelligence around the White Sands Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base and NASA's secret Johnson Space City complex behind White Sands National Monument.

After my personal ET encounter, I completed, as scheduled, my reconnaissance of: the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Datil, NM), (where I discovered the government is secretly sending and receiving communication signals from intelligent sources in space); secret underground tunnels being prepared near the site of what was supposed to be the Very Large Array radio telescope facility (Pietown, NM); and Northrop's highly-classified U.S. flying saucer manufacturing works near Lancaster in the Tehachapi Mountains, where I saw brief test flights of the same U.S. saucers I saw extensively flown above Area 51, Nevada. Thus, it was in the context of this eye-opening and dangerous reconnoiter, uncovering secrets of the Southwest's most exotic, classified and heavily-guarded UFO and Star Wars bases, that I was intercepted halfway through by extraterrestrials.

The Extraterrestrials have a vital interest in this governmental technological and weapons- oriented build up response to the secret the government has suppressed for 45 years: that extraterrestrial contact is a fact. The Extraterrestrials' vital interest is that these Star Wars weapons have been prepared against, and are being targeted on, them. Before I began my Grand Tour, I had shifted from my previously neutral-to-favourable stance on Extraterrestrials to a rather fearful and wary stance, due to having just read David Jacobs' deceptive book, Secret Life. In this book Jacobs purports to present investigatory cases portraying Aliens as uniformly cruel, predatory, rapacious, unfeeling, intrusive kidnappers and rapists, who continually prowl about invading the minds and body cavities of their human victims, terrorizing them, and looking for ovum and sperm samples so they can breed horrible hybrid monsters.

After my Close Encounter the night of April 12, I noticed the very next morning a dramatic change in the way I felt about extraterrestrials. I felt more peaceful and composed about them as I completed the rest of my mind-blowing reconnoiter of what "our" Government is up to. I felt: so what if people from another star system come here to visit. Later on I determined that Jacobs's "research" book was a detectably false distortion of the facts. And I learned from author Karla Turner that he had discarded cases which did not fit his preconceived notions, thus "cooking" his "findings". [footnote 2].

Let me now relate to you what happened in New Mexico, as I had my first close extraterrestrial encounter. Part of what took place is blocked from complete recall. This sometimes happens to CE-IV experiencers, due to either the extraordinary context in which such encounters occur, or due to a post-hypnotic suggestion instilled by the extraterrestrials that the person will not recall all the details until a later, better time. Thus I will present all that I could retrieve, which seems to be most of what happened.

On April 12, 1992, after leaving Alamogordo I proceeded west on Interstate 10 towards Deming, NM in my Chevy Blazer. I had my CB radio on, listening to and talking with truckers along the way. At Deming I turned off onto U.S. 180, heading northwest towards my destination for the night, a campground in Gila National Forest. Highway U.S. 180 is a two-lane blacktop road that goes in an almost straight line for 53 miles between Deming and Silver City, through absolutely empty and featureless Sonoran scrub desert. It's mostly flat, with an occasional gentle  rise, and this night had maybe three cars on it besides mine the entire length. When I left Interstate 10 at Deming it was just after 11 p.m., on a cloudless and starry night in the pitch-black desert. As I pulled away from the Interstate, the CB audio traffic died out due to distance. I was weary but alert enough to safely complete my drive to the campground. I estimated I would arrive by 12:30 a.m. As I settled in to this final leg of a long day's drive, I was aware that the road rose gently after about 15 miles. It was at about 11:20 p.m. I vaguely noticed a patch of whiteness shining in the moonlight on a rise over to the left, about 200 yards off the road. I remember vaguely considering it as a patch of snow. (Later I realized that there could not be snow at this lowest part of the southernmost region of the New Mexico desert; I had not seen snow on the ground since travelling in the mountains west of Taos, some 400 miles north.)  About this time I heard a loud voice I presumed came from my CB, saying in an Arkansas twang, "Watch out for the smoke!" (or "Smokey," i.e., state trooper; I'm not sure which word was used). The voice seemed to come from behind my left ear. (Later, reflecting that my CB speaker was mounted below my dash in front of me slightly to the right, I realized it wasn't the CB talking.) At first I figured that some trucker ahead of me was warning anyone about a State Trooper he had spotted. So I got on the CB and asked "Where is the Smokey?" I was surprised when I got no answer. This is the only time in my experience that a CB-er failed to provide location information to follow up on his State Trooper warning. The strangeness had only begun.
Almost at once I saw what looked like a huge luminous cloud of smoke stretched across the highway from the leftmost part of the rise to the rightmost part and up to the sky, a solid curtain across the highway. I presumed that it was my bad luck to be running across a forest fire. So I went back on the CB to ask anyone out there, "Where's the fire? Does anyone know about the fire on 180?" Again, it was spooky. No answer from Arkansas Twang or anyone else. I started to broadcast again, then gave up lamely, since I was just about upon the presumed smoke cloud. I cursed my luck, and in a second calculated what a long detour I would have to drive if this fire blocked the highway, versus the risk of plowing through the smoke blind, hoping it was just a hundred feet thick or so and I could break through to the other side and complete my journey. I drove into the smoke, taking my foot off the gas to slow down in case I didn't pop through the other side quickly. I didn't. Not for an hour. The smoke seemed to be coming off the hillside to the left of me. I couldn't see the road, the centre line or anything. So I came to a stop. (Later, in hypnotic recall, I noted that there were no trees or brush burning, no blackened or charred chapparal, and that the "smoke" had no odour! Nor was this fog, not in the Springtime bone-dry Sonoran desert with the air temperature nowhere near any "dewpoint.") I sat defeated in my car, stopped in the right lane of U.S. 180 in the middle of nowhere. The greyish-white vapor did not dissipate. So I got out, walked across the road to the left shoulder, towards where the ground rose slightly up, disoriented in the vapour. I got the impression of low scrub pinon pines spaced apart in the vapour. I stepped across a little ditch at the edge of the road and walked towards these "pinon pines," then stopped, unable to see. (I presumed there were pinon pines there, but a friend who later re-drove that road in daylight told me there were none on that stretch.)

Then I went into a state of paralysis. I could not move my body I sensed the approach of two persons, who got on either side of me. Each placed a firm grip on my forearms. I cannot recall viewing them. The funny thing about their hands was that theirs was a three-finger grip. Their fingers were long and didn't feel like human fingers. They did not have articulated bones, but felt like a continuous cartilage inside with a padded fleshy exterior. The grip consisted of two fingers on top of my forearm and one finger underneath. The fingers were not much wider than human ones but quite long. And their grip was like a vice. It was clear I was going with them. I had no better idea, anyway. I was led forward and to the left, in the general direction of what I had presumed was the "snow patch" gleaming in the moon- light. Soon we arrived at a landed metallic vehicle. I stopped about five feet in front of midpoint of its long side. It was shaped like a flattened arch, with rounded ends. The bottom seemed more flat, but that may be because it was partially sunk into the sand. It was a metallic colour, about the colour of Airstream trailers, only not so bright. The length I would estimate at 35-50 feet and the height at midpoint at 10-12 feet. A resource person I consult with remote viewing capability determined that the craft had been in distress and had made a hard landing, and that one of the three crewmen was hurt.

A rectangular opening appeared in the side of the craft. Next thing, I remember sitting back in a chair in a room inside the craft, feeling spacey and numb, and gradually realizing that I was alone; they had left. The lighting in there was subdued. The air inside was of sort of a neutral temperature, not sharply cold like the desert night air. It smelled stale, like the recycled air you encounter in an airliner during a transcontinental flight. After awhile they came back. The one who had the stronger grip when we encountered, the one on my right, felt like a male. As he came back in, I had a quick glimpse of his face. He had a roundish oval face with two large horizontally ovoid black eyes that did not slant or wrap around the side. No irises or pupils, just black all the way across the eye. I did not notice a nose, and got more of an impression than a view of a mouth. I did not clearly see, but got the impression of, a thin torso and limbs.

Height I would estimate at five feet. He seemed placid, matter-of-fact. He was definitely not human, but unmistakably intelligent life. The other extraterrestrial had had a gentler, yet firm, grip on my left forearm when we first had our encounter. The feeling was of a lighter, gentler persona, possibly a female. I was escorted into another room, which was also dimly lit, and placed in a reclining position, something like the posture in a dentist's or astronaut's chair. I felt a buzzing, stimulating, resonating sensation in the triangular area defined by the tops of my eyebrows and the bridge of my nose, and focussed about a quarter-inch inward from skin surface. (This is a sensation I would become quite familiar with in the days and months ahead. It has heralded and accompanied subsequent ET contact, and anomalous occurrences that are presumably their handiwork.)  I experienced a sense of pressure in my nose, as if a small object was being introduced into my nasal passages or even a little higher. (Afterwards for four or five days I had a sense of excessive pressure there, along with a feeling of buzzy resonance and pressure in my head that was almost like a headache, but not quite.)

Next I had a sensation of the release of restraints around my ankles; not physical restraints, but more of an immaterial, force-field kind. I understood that the ET's were done, and I was free to go. I got up. The next segment I remember is being outside the craft in the night floating horizontally towards my vehicle. After that, I became aware of being behind the wheel, driving below the speed limit, the "vapour" dissipating, and I'm breaking out of the "smoke cloud". I'm resuming my drive up U.S. 180 towards the Gila National Forest campground, where I then camped for the rest of the night.

The next morning, when I woke up, I had no memory of my Close Encounter. But I did notice four odd things. I had a  strange fullness and pressure feeling in my upper nasal passage area and a dull almost-headache: these are symptoms I had never had before. I wrote it off to fatigue. As I put on my socks I also noted that there were two tiny scoop marks side-by-side on top of my right great toe, each like a shallow crater that you could rest a BB in (BB is an air pellet). I was startled, because I am no stranger to the body-marks literature of extraterrestrial encounters, which includes scoop marks from E.T.'s sampling of tissue. But denial set in, and I said to myself, "Nah, that can't be that!" Then I reflected that I had arrived at the campground at least an hour after my estimated time. And on the open roads of New Mexico, where a minute can equal a mile, I had become quite precise at calculating travelling time. Lastly, I noticed, with curiosity, that overnight my attitude towards extraterrestrials had changed. Gone was the gripping fear that I had carried since reading Jacobs's lurid book. Instead I noticed that a gentle live-and-let-live attitude had settled in. And I began feeling sorry for the extraterrestrials, as I considered the monumental Star Wars weapons crash program aimed at them that I had just seen this trip. I also reflected on my own research. Cases I had interviewed found the extraterrestrials to be, after the human got over her/his initial fright, usually caring, gentle while firm, and concerned for such values as ecology, social justice, childhood education, consciousness advancement, and a spiritual/metaphysical focus. I noted that the CE-IV Experiencers stated that while some gynaecological/urological procedures did seem oriented towards retrieving reproductive material, in many other instances other ET medical procedures were oriented towards: cures of diseases, genetic manipulation of ovaries or an in-place foetus to create enhanced capabilities in the foetus (future offspring) of the Experiencer, or the returning of an enhanced conceptus to the mother for completion of childbearing and child-rearing.

It struck me how distorted and misleading the reports of David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins were, with their Grey Menace tales. Instead, I found it appropriate to think like an anthropologist: what we have here is a contact between civilizations. I also felt dedicated to the goal that this ET Contact with Earth not end up as it did in the movie Cool Hand Luke, where the sadistic Cracker Warden drawls: "What we have here is a failure to communicate." So, a little suspicion began to curl inside my head. But I discounted it, saying to myself that the dramatic discoveries I had seen were making me tend to over-dramatise these anomalies. It was only after I returned home from the entire trip, and had nasal pressure, quasi- headaches and uncharacteristic moodiness and grouchiness persist for five days, that I reviewed everything, and realized that these, too, were common psychological aftermath signs of a Close Encounter repressed from conscious memory. At that point I made room for the possibility that I had had a CE-IV. I consulted a hypnotist-psychologist and a psychic remote-viewer to explore that possibility. When the hypnotist had me smell the "smoke" and I noticed no odour, that was the final straw that crumbled my denial. All that emerged from sessions with them is what I have presented.

Since this first Close Encounter, my life has gone differently. Like many other experiencers, I have experienced an acquisition of certain psychic abilities, or perhaps an enhancement of latent abilities. Such things as the telephone ringing and often I pretty much know  who is on the other end. Or the ability to "feel" around corners: I'll drive near an ATM carport without being able to see into it and "know" whether there's a car in line already or it's clear. Or I'll often have a sense of whether there are any messages on my answering machine or not before I come in and look. I'll get a hunch or premonition when the extraterrestrials are coming, or going to be up to something, that turns out right. On the physical side, I have a few times awakened with little blood spots in my nose, (signs of nasal-entry procedures), and I never used to get bloody noses. And I sometimes note strange marks, like a straight-line healed cut, as a laser would make, that wasn't there the night before. This is coupled with a sense that I had been visited the night before. Or I might be exhausted by the pressures of juggling family, marriage, jobs as an academic psychologist and counselling hypnotherapist, and my research and publication work on the Extraterrestrial Presence phenomenon, and I'll go to bed exhausted, have a sense of an ET intervention, and wake up brimming with energy and ready to take on some more.

On the astronomical front, during the late Summer through Winter of 1992 over the sky of Sacramento on several nights per week a stationary intensely-glowing object has appeared for hours at a time. Nicknamed by me The Twinkler, the object frequently but not always strobes beautiful different coloured lights of red, teal, yellow, and bluish white, at a rate of about 6 cycles per second. Over the months it took a picket position at the different cardinal points of the compass, sometimes moving slightly, and generally shining from an hour after sunset until midnight, but varying in its "schedule." Other family members and Experiencers have seen the same object, although it was never reported in the newspaper. And I've had a couple of subtle micro-Encounters. Once, when I was going out the front door at night on impulse, I heard and saw a rustling and rapid movement in the hedges on the right by the front door, which then "jumped" across in front of me and started clambering up on top of the hedges on my left all along the side of the house. It was as though something heavy and large, like an invisible big chimpanzee, raced across in front of me and onto and along the six- foot-high hedges. I know the extraterrestrials can either cloak themselves in invisibility, or create in the mind of the viewer a substitute visualization for themselves. And I know we don't keep any invisible chimpanzees as pets.

On another occasion as I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom in our bedroom, I glanced over towards the doorway to the hall, and got a quick glimpse of the back half of a figure in white turning around and exiting the doorway down the hall. I called out "Lee," thinking it was my wife. There was no answer. I walked over to the hallway and looked down and saw no one. I walked down to the kitchen, unsuccessfully. Finally I found her in the bathroom at the other end of the house. I asked her if she had just been down to the bedroom, but she had been in the far bathroom for a while. All the outside doors were locked. No one else was home that night. At least no one human was. On the mental side I sometimes wake up with information or "advanced" awareness or intuitions that I didn't have before. Such information may have to do with "knowing" future events, or scientific principles I have never studied. Or what the Government's next strategy was going to be vis-à-vis the Cover-Up of extraterrestrial contact. Eerily, some one or two others of the Experiencers I am in contact with might get the same information around the same day or week. To use a computer phrase, it's like someone dumped a disc full of data onto my hard drive while I slept. But daytime intuitions come, too. And I have definitely had a successive series of strong "mission" feelings. For example, to overcome, and to encourage other Experiencers to overcome, the shame factor in coming out of the closet about having extraterrestrial contact. Or to go public with the Secret Government's murderous Star Wars agenda against extraterrestrials.

On the spiritual side, I have experienced, since researching extraterrestrial encounters, a gradual enhancement of my pre- existing attraction to shamanism and Native American spirituality. It appears that the connection is the emphasis of both Native American medicine persons and the extraterrestrials on a reverence for the Earth as a precious organism inextricably interwoven with our own life process and that of all our living relations (the animal, fish, bird, plant, microbial, etc., kingdoms).

Now I will share my second major Close Encounter experience. This took place on the night of November 30, 1992, while some other Experiencers and I were attending the Las Vegas International UFO Congress as invited speakers. Before I went to the Congress, I had a strong pull to revisit the Nevada Test Site-Nellis AFB Gunnery Range-Tonopah Test Range-Areas 51 and S-4/ Coyote Alpha complex. This off-limits Federal complex lies from 30 to 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Between speaking Monday afternoon on my research on extraterrestrial encounters and my talk Tuesday morning on the April Grand Tour of secret UFO and Star Wars bases, the pull to go visit became irresistible, despite the obvious danger. The UFO Congress had numerous Intelligence operatives in attendance, and in view of my published exposes of Area 51's activity, and the pattern of mail intercept, telephone monitoring, and dirty tricks by Agency types I had experienced, it was clear that any movement I made towards Area 51 would be under surveillance. I also "got" the message that there would be an unfriendly "welcoming" committee waiting at Area 51, if I tried to repeat my near-penetration of the Reservation boundary, as I had in April. Originally a couple of other experiencers and I were going to reconnoiter Area 51 together. But around dinnertime one felt poorly, and another volunteered to stay behind and look after her.

My intention was to take the shortest route to Area 51, via I-15 and U.S. 93. However, as I came to a junction on I-15, I took the exit for U.S. 95, although I would swear I read "U.S. 93." (This kind of "accidental" rerouting has been noted by many experiencers, when the extraterrestrials want you to go a different route for a special reason.) Thus I took the west-side long route, which took me all the way around the federal restricted complex. I drove, having binoculars handy, and watching for anomalies. As I proceeded north of Scotty's Junction on U.S. 95, I noted that the Department of Energy's SDI Tonopah Test Range was to the right, (although the official entrance was on U.S. 6 up ahead). Soon after, an odd light rose up from above the ridgeline there, and descend to nearer the base  of the Cactus Range, and proceed along parallel with my car, but a mile or two to the right. After five minutes the light no longer could be seen. At Tonopah, I turned east onto U.S. 6 and proceeded along the northern boundary of the Nevada Test Site (NTS). After passing by the entrance to the Tonopah Test Range, I noticed that road traffic became extremely sparse, almost nonexistent. It was about then that I noticed a car about a mile behind mine that never caught up with mine nor dropped behind. This was unusual, because I was travelling at a good clip in the essentially State Trooper-free stretches around the NTS. And in my broad experience in open- spaces  driving, anyone going fast enough from behind to catch up within sight was usually going fast enough to pass me before long. They don't slow down from their previous rate and straggle behind at an exact pacing speed, unless it's a State Trooper.

This turned out to be no State Trooper. I watched the pacing for about a half-hour to be sure I had the situation correctly sized up, then thought to myself, "I think I'm being followed."  At the time, I suspected it might be some military/ Intelligence surveillance unit. I lost sight of the car as I came to the Warm Springs Junction, and I turned onto State 375. My plan was to first stop at the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, 62 miles ahead, then proceed another 22 miles to the Area 51 entrance road. On this stretch I began to notice that the "car" behind me was doing strange things. As it paced a little closer behind, about a half-mile, its "headlights" could be more distinctly seen, as a single round light, as big and bright as a tight cluster of five halogen headlights on high beam would be. At times it would take shortcuts when the road curved, proceeding in a straight line instead across the desert at sagebrush-height level, and rejoining the road after the curve. At other times a second, small purplish glowing orb would accompany it, travelling parallel about 150 yards to the south, also at sagebrush level. The second orb would disappear after a while, then reappear. I would look in the rear view mirror and occasionally quickly turn my head around, to verify these "impossible" things. I knew then that it wasn't the CIA. I then got the feeling that the extraterrestrials were giving me an escort. I had expected the Little A'Le'Inn to be open, but it turned out dark. As a result I raced past it unawares, when suddenly a giant pure white jackrabbit the size of a collie loped across the highway just in front of my car, at an almost cartoonish gait. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to the right to avoid hitting it.

As I did my gaze went to the right and I noticed the darkened Little A'Le'Inn, which otherwise I would have gone past and missed in the dark desert without landmarks. I pulled in to this bar and cafe, which serves the lower-echelon Air Force employees at Area 51, and is a veritable museum of UFO and Alien pictures and Area 51 USAF lore and insignia patches. The Inn was closed, so I peered through its windows at the displays inside. Suddenly, a German Shepherd appeared from around behind the cafe. I feared it was an aggressive watchdog, such as are common in remote Nevada establishments, although I had not previously seen a dog at the Little A'Le'Inn. To my surprise this dog was unusually friendly and greeted me like old friends, putting its head against and nuzzling me, begging for a pet. I walked out to the highway and saw the "escort" vehicle stopped about a quarter-mile behind where I had parked. By the light coming from the Rachel hamlet, I could see what was there. There was no car frame behind a set of headlights, but an extremely bright orb, as big and bright as if the front end of a semi truck were one huge intense headlight. A UFO. I said to myself how the improbable rabbit had saved me from missing the Little A'Le'Inn. I wondered whether it, and perhaps the over-friendly guard dog, were shape-shifter Extraterrestrials.

I continued towards Area 51, turning in at the famous Groom Lake dirt road entranceway, which no longer had the infamous black mailbox as a landmark. My sense of danger increased, as I drove a few hundred feet down the road. I "felt" the trigger-happy Wackenhut security guards I had run afoul of in April [Footnote 1} were there just waiting for another crack at me. I extinguished my headlights, and stopped.

Right after I parked, the anomalous escort "car"/light came down the highway, pulled into Groom Lake Road to about three hundred feet behind me, now displaying two conventional headlights. After a momentary pause, it backed up, at an extraordinary speed for reverse gear in the pitch black night, turned around, and drove west on 375 back the way it came. (It thus could give the guards from a distance the impression that the "intruder" car (me) had changed its mind about trying to go down the Area 51 road, backed up, and returned from where it had come. I subsequently reflected that that may well have been the ET's purpose in their otherwise inexplicable manoeuvre, and why I was not harassed, despite the extreme security around the Area 51 perimeter.) I got out and determined that no U.S.-made flying saucers were doing practice flights that night. Then I did a Native American prayer and pipe ceremony, asking Tunkashila, Maka Unce, and the Four Directions for protection, and to cancel the death karma emanating from Areas 51 and S-4. I was nervous about tarrying any longer because of the guards. As I started the car to leave, the "escort light" shone at my car from a new position, two miles ahead and a half-mile to the right of the Area 51 road. I felt it had been there as a protector, and became lit to show its agreement that I depart.

I then proceeded east on 375 towards U.S. 93, to complete the loop back into Las Vegas. No longer was the "escort light" behind me. But soon it started to appear about a mile ahead of me. I was going through winding road and canyons and would lose sight of it. Then a vehicle would approach from the general area where the light was last seen and drive past. I assumed that I had been mistaken about the bright light way up ahead being my UFO escort, because soon a vehicle would come from where I had seen the light. I tried to avoid making anything special out of that light. Then more anomalies started happening. I thought I saw a passing vehicle as being a panel truck. Then I noticed a tanker truck go by. Gradually it dawned on me how much traffic was developing on this deserted stretch of highway all of a sudden. I then realized the extraterrestrials could be imposing mental visualizations of a "car" on me to disguise what their craft really looked like. Only they did not bother to impose the identical visualization every time. I also realized that that means they're 'driving' by me so close I could reach my arm out (if I wanted to lose it) and touch the vehicle" (disguised UFO).

I then got to a straight stretch of highway where I could see the bright light a mile ahead get closer, go out, and reappear as two headlights, and when closer, as a complete vehicle. At first, I attributed the single Light going out to a dip in the road, but when I got to a flat stretch with no dips, it became evident that the single Light extinguished itself, and re-illuminated as two headlights. Once, it manifested as two tandem sets of headlights, one right on the tail of the other, but by the time the pair got near me, only one vehicle with one set of headlights came by. Also, after each vehicle went by, its "taillights" only stayed on for a quarter-mile then disappeared, long before a curve or dip in the road could explain their disappearance. On this stretch there are no side roads and nowhere to go off-highway. I smiled, realizing that the ET's were playing with me. Then the Light/UFO disappeared from in front of me, but soon reappeared behind me, no longer at road-level, but at about 150 feet altitude, and closing fast on me. I was at this point about adjacent to the super-secret Coyote Alpha Range, northeast of Area 51. I "felt" intensely the UFO's intent to make contact, and asked myself, "Are you ready for an ET Encounter?" I felt afraid at first, just a little nervous, but excited. After a minute I said "Sure, why not?" However, the approaching light somehow disappeared, although I do not remember it disappearing.

After this, I continued driving, soon turning down U.S. 93 towards I-15 and Las Vegas. Driving south on U.S. 93, I had a rest from the "Light's cat-and-mouse game for awhile. As I drew near to the junction with I-15, my extraterrestrial friends had one more surprise for me. (Here again is another example of how the extraterrestrials let you know in other ways that they are around.) The big bright Light appeared a mile in front of me, about 1000 feet above the desert, about 300 yards to the left of U.S. 93. I was coming down a grade and had a long, sweeping, unbroken view of the entire desert for miles. The Light descended vertically to the level of the sagebrush tops, moved horizontally right until it lined up with the oncoming lane of U.S. 93, began moving towards me as a large single Light at surface level on the highway. At about one mile ahead of me, it changed in an instant to two conventional headlight beams, then drove past me moments later as a late-model passenger car! The E.T.'s had shown me exactly the sequence of how they disguise a UFO as an Earth object.

I completed the return leg on I-15 to Las Vegas. The bright Light soon reappeared about a mile behind my car in my lane, as a single bright Light. Other traffic was behind it, and passed it and didn't seem to notice anything about it. The Light followed me on I-15 all the way through Las Vegas until I took the off ramp near my hotel on the far side of town. That night I saw a swarm of "fireflies" in my bedroom and had the very strong sense of ET presence. The next morning I had some little bloody spots in my nose. These contacts have done what I thought I had no more capacity left for, caused another quantum leap in my sense of wonder.

Footnote 1: See Boylan, R., "The Grand Tour - Earth Saucers and Star Wars", in Extraterrestrial Contact and Human Responses, desktop publishing, Sacramento, 1992;
also, Boylan, R., "Touring Nevada's 'Outer Limits'", UFO Magazine, 7:6, 1992; Boylan, R., "Secret 'Saucer' Sites", MUFON Journal, 292, August, 1992.
Footnote 2: Personal communication, Las Vegas UFO Congress, November 30, 1992. (c)  1993

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC,  
Post Office Box 22310,

California 95822,
United States of America. Phone: (916)422-7479 (PDT)

E-mail: drboylan@jps.net         

A Readers Abduction Story


Hey Dave,

I am very open about my abductions. I feel very compelled about speaking out, so any questions you may have I am more than happy to answer..........

As far as the abductions go, they still go against my free will to choose or not to choose to do something. Maybe in the long run I might realize that they are for the good of those being abducted, but as of this moment in time I still feel they are more hurtful than good, though I have grown in numerous ways. Now this growth I believe is more about who we are as humans than about the good intentions of the beings...............

I have spoken with untold numbers of abductee's, and opinions, theories and ideas are about as numerous as the abductee's themselves. Some believe that the abductions are for their betterment, and so they accept them grudgingly but still long for the answers as to, "WHY ME and WHAT REASON!"........I believe that we do learn from the pain and sufferings that we go through during our lives, but we also learn when good things happen to us as well.

For me and my memories at this moment of my life (48), I have experienced 98% pain and suffering and 2% good things at the mercy of the beings. I would probably be more tolerant toward the abductions, if the %'s were a bit more even. I must stress that most abductee's recover from the physical experiments, but it is the emotional experiments that we battle with the most............

Try if you will and imagine of what a typical abduction can be like ...........

You go to bed at your normal bed time filled with the thoughts if they are going to come and get you again. After a period of time you fall asleep, but it is not very restful knowing what could happen. The only solace you might have is a night light that you must have on to sleep. While asleep you are aware that you are doing a bit of tossing and turning, and you even might have dreams of past abductions or you may not dream at all. Suddenly without warning you awaken, wide eyed and alert. You feel a strong presence in the room, but you can't see anything or anyone, at least not yet. You try to move, but you can't. You try again, then realize that you are in the midst of some sort of paralysis. You can only move your eyes, then you see a large blank expressionless face with large, slanted black eyes only inches from your face. Fear immediately takes over as the eyes literally penetrate the inner most reaches of your thoughts and soul. This is a feeling that you can't describe with all of its agonizing presence, but you know what it feels like. You know that THEY have invaded the inner most sanctity of who you are.

You scream, but no sound echoes from your mouth. You are experiencing the dreaded silent scream that only you can hear in your own thoughts. As you silently scream you may hear a voice in your head telling you to "be calm!" A moment later you are keenly aware that you are floating above your bed, and then floating over to a window, wall or some other solid object. Your body begins to vibrate, and in some remarkable way you begin to pass through the solid object into the night air. If you were sleeping on your front you notice the ground below you, but if you were sleeping on your back you notice a craft hovering above you. You then are encompassed in light (blue or white), and you start to float upwards towards the craft. You might lose a few minutes of recollection, because the next thing you know you are either being moved down a circular hallway or lying on a table in a round room. The beings are standing around you holding strange instruments in their hands. Fear once again builds inside you, and once again you scream the insidious silent scream. The beings try to calm you, but it doesn't matter. Nothing will stop them from what they have planned for you. You feel pain from objects being inserted into your body and other things they are doing. From that point on you may remember everything, but then again you might not.

You awaken from your sleep, or should I say you pop back into our status-quo human reality. You are wide eyed and alert. Your body is vibrating once again from having re-entered your room through a solid object. If you are lucky, or should I say unlucky, you might even see them depart. They might go back through a solid object, or they might just vanish before your eyes as if they were never there to begin with. More often than not after the abduction, sleep will over take you. You might sleep very well, or you might sleep very fitfully, your thoughts still very much aware of what had just transpired. The alarm clock rings, and you get up to turn it off. There is something about the time that doesn't seem right.............Then a very strange thing may happen.

Something has happened to try and keep you from remembering the events of your night of fear. It could be either a form of mind control from the beings keeping you from remembering, or it could be a self preservation mechanism in your own brain to keep you from going insane..........You stumble into the bathroom to take a pee and throw cold water on your face. You start to wonder why you are so lethargic. You had a good nights sleep, but again something doesn't seem right. As you throw the cold water on your face you might feel a stinging sensation on your body, or see some strange mark. It could be scratches, scalpel like cut marks, needle marks, bruises, or any other wide variety of strange marks that you have had throughout your lifetime.

Being an abductee you had checked yourself thoroughly in the mirror right before you went to bed. You remembered what you noticed, and then you realize that the new marks weren't their 8 hours before................ It is at this point that you know that an abductions probably took place. All the telltale signs of an abductions are there. Little bits of memories start to trickle out of the memory block, but not all. You remember looking at the time on the clock as you always do before you closed your eyes and when you popped back into human reality in the middle of the night. You remember your body vibrating right after you popped back into human reality. It is a feeling that you can never forget. You remember the white or blue light and magically flying through the air. You remember being on the table and the beings standing around you. You remember the hideous looking face, the reflecting and piercing black eyes from the one standing over you when they first came for you. Then you might not remember anything else. You grab your journal and write down all that you can remember, and you take photos of the strange marks ..............In time the marks will probably all disappear. Your body is back to normal, or as normal as it is going to be considering what they have done to it over the years..............You feel extremely lucky that you know other abductee's to share this experience and other experiences with without them thinking you are crazy, a liar, or making it all up.

If you are extremely lucky you have a professional psychological counsellor and certified hypnotherapist that you can confide in that will not write off these abductions to child abuse or some other idiotic status-quo human diagnosis. You are well aware that the body will heal in a short time, but it is your sanity that you are most concerned about..............

Others see the abductions and the hybrids as a means for the beings to take over the earth, and certain humans will be left to serve the beings. The main problem I have with this, is "Why now?" These beings have been coming here it seems for thousands of years. If their purpose is to conquer the Earth, then why wait until we have a means of at least defending ourselves to some degree? Why did they not take over Earth when we only had sticks and stones to fight with?.................

As God gives us the free will to choose our own destiny without interference, so to do I believe that he gave the same to all of His intelligent creations. I am not a religious person, though I do attend church on a fairly regular basis. Since I gave God my life to do His will on His time, I know that I have grown closer to Him. He does not talk to me in the way many others say that God talks to them. I hear no voices, but rely on my own feelings to trust that I am doing what He wants me to do. I do not tell others how to believe, because I believe that our relationship with God is on an individual basis and not a collected one. I find it very appalling for someone to tell me how to believe towards my God or on anything other subject for that matter. Since I am not bound by chains with the people I come in contact with, I exercise my free will to leave if they start to piss me off. I have a hell of a hard enough time leading my own life without telling someone else how to lead theirs.............I do welcome discussions with others of different view points or the same view points as  long as they try not to persuade me how to believe. I find your posts directed toward me to be of the type of post that I love to discuss. I do not mean this in an egotistical way for I surely do not have the monopoly on answers. As I have stated before, I feel very compelled by God to speak out on this subject.........about my abductions, about others.......to share when asked to do so............to help others try and cope in some small way with their abductions..............

I started a group, ARG-Alien Research Group that helps people find psychologist, psychiatrist and support groups around the country and sometimes around the world. I have a close network of very dear friends that helps me tremendously to accomplish this. As you can see from my post I love to talk..........I believe this may be the main reason I feel God has chosen me to do this. It was in March 1998 when I realized that I was not crazy, that these abductions are happening to me and others, that I began to speak out. If someone doesn't want to listen to me, then they don't have too.

I am also associated with a group in Memphis, Tennessee headed up by Eddie Middleton called "Night Search" at http://www.nightsearch.net
I am the coordinator of a section called the "TENN FILES."  I am CO-Host of a radio program with Eddie as host, also called the TENN FILES, on Monday nights from a new Tucson, AZ station KRVL......103.1FM.
We debut on Jan. 17, 2000, and we are in the process of being syndicated to other stations. We have already had interesting guest, and have many others lined up in the coming months. Within a month we will have real audio for the show..............

Why am I an abductee, and the person next door is not? Good question. It may be as simple as abductee's are more emotional than other people, and therefore we are better specimens. But in reality anyone can be an abductee. A person driving down a dark, lonely road could be grabbed at that moment in time. Or it could be someone like me who has been abducted since early childhood. The next door neighbour may even be an abductee, but afraid to talk about it for fear of ridicule............for me........I don't give a SH*T if someone thinks I am crazy........I am past that point. Whether people want to believe it or not is up to them, but to myself and others we know the abductions are real...............

BTW.............The cover story for the March issue of LIFE magazine is supposed to be about UFO's and related subjects. Maybe this story being published in a well known and national magazine will get other publications to do stories as well on the subject.


Sandy Nichols


Since Sandy wrote this article, he has published a brilliant book on his many experiences relating to alien abduction from an early age called 'A Different Child' that is available from Amazon.

Carleen's Experience

About six years ago when I was 36 and living with my parents for a short time after relocating from another state, I had what I assumed was a bad dream occur one night. We had seen boiling clouds in the sky the night before and what we found out was a search light on them from another town, looked like something out of "Close Encounters" but we found out otherwise. I assume my mental connection with thinking about an alien movie caused me to have the following dream: I was asleep in my room when some sort of beings, I don't know how many and I now can't even describe them...my kids say that I stated at the time that they were grey small creatures. came by my bed and put something in my ear. I didn't then view this experience as scary or that I was harmed in anyway. One of the beings kept one of their hands on my right shoulder in what I perceived at the time was a comforting gesture. I had the mental picture of it saying "It's okay...We won't hurt you." I feel incredibly stupid retelling this but I feel I must tell it to someone who will listen as you will soon see, I'm worried about more encounters.

The next day right under that ear I had a small red area like a mosquito bite (I have tried to rationalize everything as I don't usually give into nonsense). This same ear I have had pain on and off in since then. I moved to a bigger city after I met the man I still live with and have a younger child with...My older children are twenty and sixteen. I am a licensed nurse and worked at one hospital on and off when I first started working for an agency. One day at work the ear I have problems with was really bothering me. I mentioned it to one of the other nurses and she thought I was getting an ear infection and offered to look into the ear for me. I let her so I could find a new doctor quicker or go to an emergency room for antibiotics if the pain worsened. She drew back funny after looking in my ear and said that it wasn't red but that she could see a small silver rod shaped object in my ear...part of it at least. Having recalled in my mind the odd dream of several years back, I started laughing and asked why she was telling me that. She looked at me weird and grabbed a doctor she knew that was walking past telling him to take a look at my ear. He readily did, anything to break up the work day I guess...He stated that it looked like an object in my ear...I volunteered that maybe my membrane covering my eardrop was stretched and shiny...Nope, he said, I had something in there.

By the next morning the pain had stopped and I just tried to shrug off the incident. I've had ear troubles over the years with cleaning out of wax and ear infections, so it isn't like as a kid I stuck something in there and some doctor missed it. In the mean time nothing strange had happened to me till I had my daughter. It was a very hard pregnancy with high blood pressure complications and lots of morning sickness. I had her near Washington, D.C. on vacation out there, no less. The anestheologist wore a scrub top with aliens on it. That seemed to really bother me but I don't know why. Then this last winter I had a truly frightening thing happen. I was convinced at first someone was really in my room but again, over time I've tried to rationalize it. I was woke up in the night by someone pulling on my arm (my baby was asleep beside me and by partner on the other side). I got a good look at it this time. It was grey and small. It horrified me I kept saying to leave me alone but it was insistent. I turned toward my boyfriend and was crying. I tried to with my free hand shake him but he wouldn't wake up. I could see him and my daughter asleep. Finally the being either gave up or I don't remember anymore because then I was laying in bed disturbed but very sleepy and wanting to go back to sleep... why after all of that, I don't know, but I did.

The next morning when my boyfriend awoke to go to work he said, "I really feel bad about last night." I asked him what he meant. He said something about how he could hear me crying and shaking him to wake up but he just couldn't get awake to even talk to me. I told him what happened and he listened but he believes more in demons and etc... so he thought a demon had attacked me since I recently started doing some Bible studies and helping some different people. That thought scared me more than an alien in my room! Anyway, not to bore you any longer, but now I'm afraid this is going to keep going on. I've never told my sixteen year old all of these details but she has had similar experiences at night and keeps a bright nightlight on each night or has one of her sisters sleep in her room with her. I don't want to tell her too much because it will only serve to frighten her more. I was told by someone to contact Whitley Strieber over the internet to get his input but he is so famous and I cannot find an email address for him. Any suggestions? I'm sure you have no idea what to tell me so it's okay...something I'll have to live with...

Thanks for listening to me, Most Sincerely,


We have advised Carleen to contact Bud Hopkins to help her to come to terms with what she has experienced. We wish her all the best.

The Eight Hour Abduction Case:

UFO Investigator Refuses To Return Implants/X Rays

When I was 12 years old in 1946, I was in Boy Scout Camp. This one night we were playing "Flag" in the woods with my troop. I went to chase a opposing team mate, I blacked out as I was in mid-stride my foot never hit the ground as I leaped over a log. I woke up 8 hours later in my bed in the cabin some distance away from the "Flag" game in the woods. No one saw me in the 8 hours I was missing. I had vanished from the face of the Earth. No one knew where I was, neither my cabin mates or my troop leader. No one knew how I had gotten back in bed. I certainly didn't. I questioned everyone. No one had an answer.

That night is when the symptoms hit me full force. At game time before bed I felt tired. I laid down and closed my eyes. Immediately the bed and I started spinning. I became nauseous. I opened my eyes. The spinning stopped but the nausea stayed. My scout mates said I looked sick. I sat up  and put my legs over the bed side and breathed deeply. Still felt sick. I couldn't play any games. I laid down again and the spinning came back. Opening my eyes stopped the spinning. The single bulb suspended from the ceiling started streaking away from me and getting smaller until it vanished. Blinking my eyes, it came back. This continued until all the lights in the camp were turned off. I slept well and was fine the next morning, but the light streaking away from me continued on for about 5 years. It always happened when I would lie down and look up at a single ceiling bulb in a room.

To answer your questions about the implants. Derrel Simms has given the most stupid and childish reasons for not returning my implants. He blames Gordon for not sending them, which is a lie. Derrel has all my implants and X-rays. He reneged on his written contract of hypnotically regressing me and of supplying me with the video taped operation on me to remove the implants and 2 inches of skin scoop-marks from my left leg. He has done all this for greed. He sells this information and video on his web site. He is a liar and a thief. I have witnesses to all his shenanigans. He makes money doing this and it's his business. He has broken all his written and verbal contracts with me and in front of witnesses. He takes all these ball and crystals, some of them mine, and X-rays, all over the world to conferences and shows them. It's one thing to show them, it's another to steal them. He also has my scoop-mark and X-ray photos on his web site. It is the one with 8 scoop-marks, the only one.

I feel the Houston based HUFON is a part of this since I received an e-mail from one of their officials denying all I had written to him about Derrel. Could this be a "Conspiracy?" Quite possibly. Men go to great lengths for greed and especially fame, at other peoples expense. It's too bad I couldn't have all this work done by Budd Hopkins. Then I know I would have gotten an honest deal and my regression done. Then I would finally knew the truth about what happened that night and many before and after.

It's okay to publish this letter and include my name and e-mail address and country on your web site. I am interested in hearing from other abductees all over the world and I hope this starts a flood of e-mail to me. It would be nice to know what is going on in this planets use as a "baby hospital" for the little greys. They do need our help and it wouldn't be so bad to gain a little of their knowledge and psychic ability. The "star people" are here and we will eventually blend with them. So much for the better. Maybe it will blend out the bad traits of us so called "Humans" and include the peaceful traits of them. Let's hold a good thought on that one. Thanks for your time Dave, and good luck on any and all abductees you may contact. Keep in touch!

Alfred H. Berger
San Diego, CA.
E-mail: alfredb2@juno.com
An Abductee

Abducted From A Helicopter

Hello, my name is Linda Porter (Linda Moulton Howe wrote about me in her "Glimpses Of Other Realities:  Vol 2,  High Strangeness".  I am writing to you about an encounter I did not tell her about. The only reason I am speaking of it now is that I am trying to locate the couple involved to apologize for what happened to them. Let me explain. In mid February of 1988 I was onboard a "craft" (abducted) that, for reasons unknown to me, intercepted a helicopter over England. This probably would have been somewhere around the 18th to the 21st of February, don't really remember anymore. This was a private chopper piloted by a man somewhere in his sixties. His wife was with him (she evidently was Malaysian, this should help to identify the couple). The "craft" made several dives at the chopper before actually locking onto it and "holding" it in place. The woman was left onboard the chopper after being "turned off",  but the man was brought into the "craft". I am reasonably sure this man is unaware he was ever brought onboard, since he appeared to be totally oblivious to what was taking place around him. He was conscious but completely non-reactive to the situation. When I saw him onboard he was sitting with his hands on his knees, looking straight ahead, not even blinking.

Anyway, the whole point of this email is that I would like my apology relayed to them regarding this matter. Even though I didn't cause the man's abduction, I was there, and for some strange reason, have always felt guilty about it having happened. If you have an account of the abduction and have the people's whereabouts, then please pass on to them that I am VERY sorry for what they went through, and hope it has not effected their lives in an adverse manner. Thank you,

Linda Porter

Are The Military Involved With Alien Abductions?

by Helmut Lammer, Ph.D

Documented history of secret mind and behaviour control experiments

Everyone who claims that secret experiments and covert operations against ones own people, including children are not occurring in western democracies like the USA, Canada or England should look at the documented history of military/intelligence radiation experiments as well as mind and behaviour control projects which are now known to the public. During November 1996 the British press reported that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) carried out secret radiation experiments on humans for the past forty years. In 1994 the US government lifted the lid on secret experiments with scant regard for the subjects--many of whom were disadvantaged people. For about 30 years after World War II the American government through the Department of Defence (DoD), the CIA and various non government research organizations conducted medical research on thousands of citizens, often without their knowledge. This research was largely concerned with radiation exposure, nerve gas, LSD and various biological agents. Recently it was disclosed that radiation experiments were performed on more than 23000 Americans in about 1400 different projects in the 30 years following the war.

The people on whom these experiments were run were soldiers, prisoners, those considered to be mentally defective (children and adults), hospital patients with terminal illnesses and pregnant poor women. Many of the scientists who conducted these Nazi-like experiments where respectable academics. Dr. Edwin Cameron was such a scientist on the surface but he led a CIA funded laboratory at McGill University during the 50's where patients were used as guinea pigs in brainwashing experiments. Some inmates were given ECT ''therapy'' twice daily, others were drugged and kept unconscious for weeks or months, injected with huge amounts of hallucinogens, and subjected to long term sensory deprivation. A panel, appointed by the Clinton administration in 1994 to look into these matters, has so far documented 400 government backed biomedical experiments involving humans between 1944 and 1975. The purpose of these experiments may never be fully known. It is not certain when these experiments stopped, if they stopped at all, but they were still going on in mid-70's.

The Canadian psychiatrist and specialist on trauma and dissociation, Dr. Colin Ross, presented a paper at the 9th Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Orange County, California , where he showed that he encountered evidence from released CIA-FOIA documents that the agency did research on the creation of Manchurian candidates since World War II. Dr. Ross and research organization like the New York based Advocacy Committee for Human Experiment Survivors-Mind Control (ACHES-MC) also came across survivors of horrific experiments involving electroshock, drugs, brain implants, sensory deprivation, psychic driving, locked in cages, forced sleep and sexual and ritual abuse. Once selected, victims have been used as human lab animals repeatedly--some of them have been used throughout their lifetime in one externally controlled and monitored experiment after another. ACHES-MC delivered in 1997 a video-document to president Clinton and the Canadian prime minister Chretien where they requested a presidential hearing and declassification of government records related to alleged mind control experiments conducted on unwitting children and adults and funded by the US government from the 1940's onwards. In this videotape are statements by both alleged survivors of non-consensual federally funded mind control experimentation as children or adults, and also therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. Their victims, however, do not report alleged alien/UFO contacts like MILAB victims but some of the MILAB experiences fit also in the pattern described above.

This short excursion in the past of secret experiments on humans and the evidence for present follow-up projects support the MILAB hypothesis of covert operations against civilians as well.

Possible purpose of MILABs

Since I now have more MILAB information, I think that the whole alien/human abduction scenario is more complex than I thought at first. It seems to me that there is evidence that more than one human agenda may be involved in the unexplained alien abduction phenomenon. Each of these agendas have probably their own interest in alleged alien abductees. It seems to me that the first group is interested in mind and behaviour control experiments. I found evidence of sensory deprivation experiments, liquid breathing experiments, experiments on electromagnetic stimulation of the temporal lobes, brain research and implant research.

The second group seems to be interested in biological and/or genetic research. Some MILAB victims recall that they saw humans in tubes filled with liquid and genetically altered animals in cages during their kidnappings inside military underground facilities. It should be noted that alien abductees ''without'' military contacts remember similar scenarios inside UFOs.

The third group seems to be a military task force, which operates since the eighties and is interested in the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon for information gathering purposes. This would be a logical consequence if one with the right ''Need to Know'' considers that some alien abductions may be real. It seems to me that the leaders of this military task force think that some alien abductions are real and that they have national security implications. It could be that the second and third group work together, since they could share their interest in genetic studies and findings from alleged alien abductees. I'll concentrate now on tank/tube experiences of alleged alien and MILAB abductees who represent victims of the before mentioned groups. It should be noted that they are not alone and that their cases are only examples for a much larger pool of victims.

Tank/tube experiences

Michelle (pseudonym) had her first conscious memory of typical alien abduction experiences with non human beings at the age of eight. She remembers classic alien abduction experiences with 3-4 feet tall beings with large heads. The following experiences, however, have nothing to do with alien abductions. Michelle had traumatic flashbacks, reality like dreams and some consciously remembered MILAB events. The memory gaps were investigated by using regressive hypnosis sessions with a professional Ph.D. hypnotherapist who is well known in this field and who is also a MUFON consultant.

Michelle and a boyfriend had a missing time/kidnapping experience during 1970 near a campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk, New York. She remembers that both were taken by armed military personnel to the now closed Montauk base. They were separated and Michelle was escorted inside an underground facility where she had several frightening experiences.  She remembers to be in a doctors examining room, with machines and stainless steel equipment and a table covered in white. Michelle was placed on the table and strapped down, including her head. After a few minutes a group of 5-6 people, including one female, came into the room. All of them wore medical cloths white gowns. Surgical masks covering their heads like doctors in a hospital. They turned her head sideways and shaved a small portion of an area behind her right ear. She was completely conscious but immobilized and she could not talk. Michelle remembers that someone was writing something on the skin behind her ear. After this she got an intravenous (IV) injection, she felt a prick in her arm and lost consciousness and awoke with her boyfriend, who was also kidnapped, later on the beach.

The next hypnosis session opened further traumatic flashbacks of being in an isolation tank. The following experience was investigated during an emotional hypnosis regression session. Michelle had never had this experience while under hypnosis before. She recalled being in a dark place, she was afraid and floated in something that felt slightly heavier than warm water. Before this experience she was naked on a table and had wires attached all over her body and her head and she saw a doctor in a white lab coat standing next to her. The next experience was uncovered via a deep trance regression which probed again into the isolation tank experience. Michelle remembered once again that she was in a black enclosed area where she struggled and was afraid of drowning. The experience scared her a lot and she wanted out of the tank. She felt that the liquid was heavier than water, it was warm and she smelled a minty odour? She moved her arms and legs slightly and her head too. She felt the smooth surface of the isolation tank on her right if she stretched her arm. She was completely isolated in the dark tank and had a kind of artificially induced ''out-of-body'' experience or began to hallucinate.

I researched the literature of sensory deprivation experiments and came across such isolation tanks which was invented by Dr. John Lilly.  Dr. Lilly tried to find out how he could isolate the brain and mind. He considered what thought, according to our present scientific consensus is to stimulate a body. He considered effects of light and its stimulation of the eyes, touch and pressure and their stimulation of the skin and deep-lying organs within the body. He looked at temperature differences, at clothing, effects of gravitation and the effects of heat and cold. Dr. Lilly visualized a soundproof tank in which the body could be supported in water that would be maintained at the proper temperature to take care of the generation of heat within the body. He found such a tank inside a soundproof chamber in an isolated building near the campus of the National Institute of Health. This tank was constructed during World War II for experiments by the Office of Naval Research on metabolism of underwater swimmers. This was the beginning for research on isolation, including drugs.

It should be noted that Dr. Lilly experimented also with brain implants during the late fifties and early sixties. This was also the period when he was contacted by covert intelligence services and researchers for the Department of Defense (DoD). Dr. Lilly wrote in his book ''The Scientist'' that while he was at the National Institute of Health, the isolation tank-work, like the brain-electrode work, became subject to the politics. As the isolation tank research became known throughout government agencies, various individuals called him to find out about it. Dr. Lilly claims, that among them were researchers working under the auspices of the Army in regard to brainwashing of captured prisoners of war. He was asked if the isolation tank could be used to change belief systems of persons under coercion. They wanted to use  the isolation tanks and sensory deprivation experiments for brain washing and other mind control experiments.  Dr. John Lilly visualized situations in which this method would be used under coercion, by careful control of the stimulation of isolated persons, that their belief systems could be changed in directions desired by the controlling persons. Dr. Lilly was convinced that the military/intelligence community would use his isolation technique for covert experiments.

I think, that Michelle's experiences show us that this was true and that there is enough evidence that she is one victim of such a deprivation tank experiment. One should note, however, that this specific experience had nothing to do with aliens, although I don't know how her alien abduction experiences fit in this scenarios.

As I noted in my first MILAB paper, the presence of human military personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as alien beings are unbelievable for sceptics and open minded serious abduction researchers too. Although Michelle's before mentioned experiences were definitely terrestrial, she experienced also a high strangeness close-encounter during the same MILAB. She got traumatic flashbacks under hypnosis of a reptiloid creature, which was also investigated. She described that she was escorted by military personnel into a dark-office like room where she was raped by a reptiloid creature. I don't know what this traumatic experience means. I don't think, however, that the military worked with this reptiloid creature. It could be possible that she was drugged with a hallucinogen and projected the reptiloid as a kind of screen memory, although she described the skin and other features of the creature very well. Was this particular experience the product of a mind control procedure? One should consider such procedures first, since her other experiences in the underground facility were completely terrestrial and recent hypnosis sessions performed with Michelle during July 1997 revealed that she may be used in various mind control experiments during her life time.

During a two hour session she remembered to be in a room with 2-3 men who were in charge of men in lab coats. Before this she was in some kind of examination room, where someone mounted something on her head. She described silver coloured tongs, pinching at her temples and inducing an intense pain in her head. This experience reminds me of an artificial stimulation experiment for temporal lobes with magnetic fields. Dr. Michael Persinger, a neuro-scientist at Laurentian University of Sudbury, Ontario, showed that one can artificially produce mystical experiences, out of body excursions and other psychic experiences by stimulating the temporal lobes by applying magnetic fields across the brain, since he found that such experiences are linked with excessive bursts of electrical activity in the temporal lobes.  A research target would get a helm or tong-like device on the head and an artificial generated magnetic field would mimic the firing patterns of neurons in the temporal lobes of the brain.

Dan Wright, head of the MUFON Abduction Transcription Project, reviewed his records concerning tube or tank experiences of alleged alien abductees. He found several cases in his files in which the abductee saw a tube during her/his experience, but did not identify anything or anyone inside it.  In 4 cases abductees described large clear tubes and recalled either being placed inside it or seeing someone else inside. Two of these 4 abductees saw an alien creature in the tube. Dan Wright's files reveal 3 cases in which the abductee was in a tank filled with liquid and in two cases the victim was forced to breath the liquid! None of the abductees who were placed in a tube or tank reported any unusual mind set like Michelle (out of body experience, remote viewing, or the like) during their time in these containers. ''Two'' of seven tank cases reported military involvement, but not on the same night as the tube or tank episode.


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