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Martin, Andy and Dave
The Cosmic Conspiracies Investigation Team

Welcome to Cosmic Conspiracies. A UFO Website which is packed with OVER 100 Pages devoted to the study of UFOs, the Paranormal and related subjects.

This site is run by myself, Dave Cosnette, my brother Martin and our long time close friend, Andy Lloyd. Dave and Martin have been interested in UFOlogy and everything paranormal for over 25 years and have had several close encounters with UFOs (2 of which are featured on this website) and ghosts since an early age. After witnessing a very large triangular UFO in December '99 (this encounter is on the site) we decided to put together this website for our fellow UFO enthusiasts, and the site finally went onto the web on Christmas Day, 1999.

Andy, although not having seen a UFO himself (yet!) has a great interest in UFOlogy which was sparked by the vast amount of books and videos he borrowed from us when we were first introduced in our mid-teens. He is one of the most informed persons you could talk to on the subject of the 12th Planet and has his own extensive site on Nibiru called 'The Dark Star Theory' that ventures into new areas and puts forward new theories and evidence that point towards the existence of this secret, dark planet.

Andy has just finished his first book called 'Dark Star - The Planet X Evidence', which will be published very soon and available to buy on this site.

I am the webmaster (a skill that I managed to pick up in about 2 weeks before we set-up the site!) and I, together with Andy write most of the material. Martin is our intrepid investigator and researcher, and he seems to have a constant knack for uncovering top quality stories. Over the past 12 months we have started to delve into the world of the paranormal and have an extensive catalogue of photographs taken on our ghost hunts that show phenomena ranging from orbs to fully formed ghosts. Again you can access all of this material on the site.

Since starting the site we have managed to uncover many EXCLUSIVE stories that have gained great coverage throughout the World, not only on the web, but in several magazines and on TV. These include UFO Magazine (UK), ITV Television (The Web Review rated this site 8/10), BBC Online - Weird Cams, Whereits@TV (satellite TV channel), The Jeff Rense Show (USA) National Radio (The James Whale Show - Talk Radio-UK), BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Radio Shropshire, The Art Bell Show, Quality Beats Internet Radio, Discovery Channel Canada, Zoo Magazine, The Daily Mirror, as well as features on our local radio stations and in the local press. Our articles still appear on many top radio shows and in newspapers around the World to this day.

On this site you will be able to access video footage, audio recordings, photographic data, topical analysis and original articles. We will try to keep you abreast of all the news in the World of Ufology and the Supernatural. Cosmic Conspiracies is unique in the way that we present readers sightings and views and we encourage any readers to send in your encounter stories to add to our site. We have gained many compliments regarding our approach and level-headed views of the UFO subject in general. You can guarantee that if there is any evidence that we find, be it for or against UFOs, we will try and present both sides of the story, so that you can decide for yourself if the evidence is true or not in your own minds.

Amongst other things, this site covers topics as diverse as Government Cover-ups, UFOs, Abductions, Aliens, Extra-Terrestrial Visitations, The Apollo Hoax, NASA and Astronomy, Moon and Mars Anomalies, Underground Bases, The Alien Autopsy, The Rendlesham Forest Incident, Hauntings and of course The Roswell Incident.

Talking of Roswell, check out our story on Morphing Metal technology that is being worked on by the US Government. We were the first website to uncover this new technology, and were monitored by the US Government, receiving a hit from them every 4 seconds during the weekend that we broke the story - that should tell you how sensitive some of the material is that we uncover.

Cosmic Conspiracies has really surpassed our expectations when we started in 1999. Little did we know that we would become one of the biggest UFO sites in the World, or that we would one day hit the magic 1 Million hits. With the sad closure of UFO Magazine a few years ago, it has been left to websites such as this to carry the torch and get the evidence out to the general public.
We have many EXCLUSIVE articles on this site that you wont find anywhere else. One of our most popular articles is the Nicaraguan Chupacabras Story, with exclusive pictures and video film. Other recent articles include the Picture of an ET depicted on the wall of a 5th Dynasty Egyptian Tomb and the ET Message in a crop circle. If you really think that Man went to the Moon in 1969, maybe you'll change your mind after reading our most popular article - The Apollo Hoax.
You could listen to the STS106 Shuttle transmission that tells Atlantis to 'Photo ET', or how Cosmic Conspiracies put Nick Pope (Ex head of the MOD UFO Desk) on the spot on National Radio about his alleged abduction! Whatever your interest in the UFO subject, we're sure you'll find something here that intrigues you!

We have an exclusive section written by 'UFO Magazine' concerning ' The Smoking Gun ' evidence and several abduction accounts written directly to us from readers. We also have the latest satellite pictures and radio frequences from Area 51, as well as the latest information concerning GCHQ (The UK's main spy base which is just down the road from our home base).

Find out about top-secret underground bases, secret aircraft like The Aurora and view the very latest anomalies found on Mars, (some of which have been found by us). Read our article about the 'Apollo Hoax' and watch our movie presentations that proves that man didn't go to the Moon!

Well known people who have already visited and enjoyed this site include:

Russel Callahan and Graham Birdsall (UFO MAGAZINE - UK)
Dr Bruce Maccabee, Dr Richard Boyland Phd, Philip Mantle,
Dr Richard Sauder, Peter Robbins (author of 'Left at East Gate') 
Dr Donald Johnson - Archivist for J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS),
Whitley Strieber, Bridget Grant (abductee)
plus many more prominent names in the field of UFOlogy.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have had putting it all together.

Warm Regards,
Dave Cosnette
Webmaster and UFO Researcher

You can guarantee... If its out there...It's probably in here too...