Apollo Moon Conversations and
Pictures Show NASA Cover-up

You may have read my Apollo hoax article elsewhere on this web site, where I believe that the Apollo footage that has been released by NASA seems to be a hoax. I have uncovered various pictures and transcripts of astronaut conversations from the Apollo missions that relate to encounters with UFOs, and perhaps this is one reason why NASA would release fake footage to the general public. The following are excerpts of conversations from Apollo Astronauts on the Moon to Mission Control - which show that the Astronauts came across some strange and hard-to-explain structures and unusual sightings of unidentified craft - whilst on the surface of the Moon.
 In the photo to the right, you can see an Apollo astronaut stepping down onto the Moon. In the background, space, the final frontier. Or is it a Hollywood backdrop, the ultimate deception?  Many people feel we have not been told the complete truth regarding NASA's space program, in particular the Apollo Missions of the late 60's and early 70's. Recent research has shown that conditions on the Moon could be very different from the 'official-line' which NASA would lead us to believe.  Dr Farouk El Baz, one of NASA's foremost scientists, confirmed public suspicions when he stated 'not every discovery has been announced to the public'. Is this the understatement of the millennium?Why is it that relatively few people have been allowed total access to the massive NASA archives (photographs which are supposedly in the public domain). Instead we have to make do with the two or three dozen 'reproductions' that appear in the 'official' textbooks, despite literally millions of photographic images obtained by NASA. Something is seriously amiss. Also the original photographs are huge (32"x24") so by the time they have been reduced to fit the pages of a regular book the clarity and quality reduced by the copying process make most of the images pretty meaningless.  In many cases, researchers are left with little more than 'smudges' and 'blurs'.

Even so, despite all these obstacles, there is still hard evidence when these photographs are scrutinized under the proverbial - and literal - microscope, that points to the fact that virtually everything NASA has told us about the moon is a lie.

The REAL NASA MOON PHOTOS, for example show all kinds of structures, seemingly both old and new, such as domes, pipelines, and even pyramids. So why aren't these photos in the public domain?  You can see in several of NASA's  film footage, the American flag 'flapping in the wind' and yet the Moon according to NASA has no atmosphere, because it is a vacuum! One film clearly shows a desperate astronaut trying his level best to hold the flag still!

We are also told that  the famous Neil Armstrong 'footprints' will remain etched on the Moon's surface forever. We are told this precisely because the Moon's 'atmosphere' is a vacuum. The laws of physics demand that dust becomes hardened and will compress in a 'vacuum' therefore ensuring the 'footprints' remain undisturbed. And yet great plumes of dust can be seen spewing forth from underneath the 'Moon Buggy' as it travels across the lunar surface.  Is this 'vacuum theory' some kind of wild hoax by NASA?

Another NASA cover-up are the small cloud formations that have been photographed above the Moon, again in a vacuum?. And while were on the subject of clouds what about the ONE HUNDRED MILE WIDE CLOUD OF VAPOR that was detected by NASA's own instruments. This embarrassing 'anomaly' was promptly dismissed by NASA scientists as being the result of the considerable volume of urine ejected by the Apollo Mission astronauts!  What were they drinking?!

For decades strange 'lights' and artificial seeming structures have been observed and recorded on the Moon by amateur astronomers.  Science writer Joseph Goodavage observed that over two hundred white 'dome shaped' structures had been seen and catalogued, only for them often to vanish and reappear somewhere else?. There are even colour photos from the Apollo 8 missions that clearly show evidence of green vegetation on the lunar hills.

These unusual findings, when added together with the anomalies which Richard Hoagland has shown to exist on Apollo Moon photographs, provide compelling evidence for an ongoing NASA cover-up of what the Apollo Astronauts really discovered on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.

The following Apollo Astronaut conversations were mostly taken from the out-of-print book "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon" by Don Wilson (Dell, 1975):

Apollo 16 Mission: April 16 - 27, 1972
Charles Duke, Thomas Mattingly and John Young land in the Descartes highlands:

Duke: These devices are unbelievable. I'm not taking a gnomon up there.

Young: O.K., but man, that's going to be a steep bridge to climb.

Duke: You got - YOWEE! Man - John, I tell you this is some sight here. Tony, the blocks in Buster are covered - the bottom is covered with blocks, five meters across. Besides the blocks seem to be in a preferred orientation, northeast to southwest. They go all the way up the wall on those two sides and on the other side you can only barely see the out-cropping at about 5 percent. Ninety percent of the bottom is covered with blocks that are 50 centimeters and larger.

Capcom: Good show. Sounds like a secondary ...

Duke: Right out here ... the blue one that I described from the lunar module window is colored because it is glass coated, but underneath the glass it is crystalline ... the same texture as the Genesis Rock ... Dead on my mark.

Young: Mark. It's open.

Duke: I can't believe it!

Young: And I put that beauty in dry!

Capcom: Dover. Dover. We'll start EVA-2 immediately.

Duke: You'd better send a couple more guys up here. They'll have to try (garble).

Capcom: Sounds familiar.

Duke: Boy, I tell you, these EMUs and PLSSs are really super- fantastic!
It is obvious that the astronauts are talking in code - meant to disguise what they are referring to. The big question is why the excited cries? Can this be *merely* due to the collecting of Moon rocks, as they would have us believe? Or did they find something much more substantial, which was not meant for public knowledge?

Apollo 16: Describing Domes
and Tunnels on the Moon
Duke: We felt it under our feet. It's a soft spot. Firmer. Where we stand, I tell you one thing. If this place had air, it'd sure be beautiful. It's beautiful with or without air. The scenery up on top of Stone Mountain, you'd have to be there to see this to believe it - those domes are incredible!

Mission Control: O.K., could you take a look at that smokey area there and see what you can see on the face?

Duke: Beyond the domes, the structure goes almost into the ravine that I described and one goes to the top. In the northeast wall of the ravine you can't see the delineation. To the northeast there are tunnels, to the north they are dipping east to about 30 degrees.

Apollo 17

Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Harrison Schmidt; Landed in the Taurus-Littrow Valley; Dec 7 - 19, 1972.

Check out the following weird conversation that took place:

Mission Control: Go ahead, Ron

Evans: O.K., Robert, I guess the big thing I want to report from the back side is that I took another look at the - the - cloverleaf in Aitken with the binocs. And that southern dome (garble) to the east.

Mission Control: We copy that, Ron. Is there any difference in the color of the dome and the Mare Aitken there?

Evans: Yes there is... That Condor, Condorsey, or Condorecet or whatever you want to call it there. Condorecet Hotel is the one that has got the diamond shaped fill down in the uh - floor.

Mission Control: Robert. Understand. Condorcet Hotel.

Evans: Condor. Condorset. Alpha. They've either caught a landslide on it or it's got a - and it doesn't look like (garble) in the other side of the wall in the northwest side.

Mission Control: O.K., we copy that Northwest wall of Condorcet A.

Evans: The area is oval or elliptical in shape. Of course, the ellipse is toward the top.

Again we have another example of code being used to disguise what has been found. For example, "Condorset Hotel". Why the codes, if there are no secrets being discussed. Why not explain to the American people openly what is going on? After all, they have paid for the mission.
Wilson says in his book (p. 139): "Although NASA has always held that the findings of lunar and space expeditions have never been held secret, it is interesting to note that Dr. Farouk El Baz, one of NASA's foremost scientists, does admit 'not every discovery has been announced'."

Another strange Apollo 16
"ground-to-air" conversation

Capcom: What about the albedo change in the subsurface soil? Of course you saw it first at Flagg and were probably more excited about it there. Was there any difference in it there - and Buster and Alsep and LM?

Duke: No. Around the Alsep it was just in spots. At Plum it seemed to be everywhere. My predominant impression was that the white albedo was (garble) than the fine cover on top.

Capcom: O.K. Just a question for you, John. When you got halfway, or even thought it was halfway, we understand you looped around south, is that right?

Young: That is affirm. We came upon - Barbara.

Wilson writes (p.140): "Joseph H. Goodavage, whom included this conversation in a Saga magazine article, comments: "Barbara? That really needs some explanation, so I made an appointment with NASA geologist Farouk El Baz at National Aeronautics and Space Museum. Here's how part of our conversation went:

Saga: What do you suppose Young meant when he said they came upon "Barbara"?

El Baz:I can't really say. Code perhaps ...

Saga: But Barbara is an odd name for something on the Moon, isn't it?

El Baz: Yes, an enigma. As I suggested, perhaps a code, but I don't really know."

Apollo 17 conversation:
They find something startling, and are ordered to
immediately switch to code
DMP (lunar module pilot): What are you learning?
Capcom: Hot spots on the Moon, Jack?

DMP: Where are your big anomalies? Can you summarize them quickly?

Capcom: Jack, we'll get that for you on the next pass.

CMP (command module pilot): Hey, I can see a bright spot down there on the landing site where they might have blown off some of that halo stuff.

Capcom: Roger. Interesting. Very - go to KILO. KILO.

CMP: Hey, it's gray now and the number one extends.

Capcom: Roger. We got it. And we copy that it's all on the way down there. Go to KILO. KILO on that.

CMP: Mode is going to HM. Recorder is off. Lose a little communication there, huh? Okay, there's bravo. Bravo, select OMNI. Hey, you know you'll never believe it. I'm right over the edge of Orientale. I just looked down and saw the light flash again.

Capcom: Roger. Understand.

CMP: Right at the end of the rille.

Capcom: Any chances of - ?

CMP: That's on the east of Orientale.

Capcom: You don't suppose it could be Vostok? (a Russian probe).

Wilson writes (p. 141): "The Vostok flights took place in the early sixties and were *strictly Earth orbiters*. They never reached the Moon!"

 Apollo 16: Another strange conversation:
Wilson writes (p. 141): "While on the Moon, did any of our astronauts see any indication of alien handiwork, such as strange constructions, disturbances or the like? Consider this strange Apollo 16 conversation:"

Orion:Orion has landed. I can't see how fat the (garble) ... this is a blocked field we're in from the south ray - tremendous difference in the albedo. I just get the feeling that these rocks may have come from somewhere else. Everywhere we saw the ground, which is about the whole sunlit side, you had the same delineation the Apollo 15 photography showed on Hadley, Delta and Radley Mountains ...

Capcom: O.K. Go ahead.

Orion: I'm looking out here at Stone Mountain and it's got - it looks like somebody has been out there plowing across the side of it. The beaches - the benches - look like one sort of terrace after another, right up the side. They sort of follow the contour of it right around.

Capcom: Any difference in the terraces?

Orion: No, Tony. Not that I could tell form here. These terraces could be raised but of (garble) or something like that ...

Casper: (Mattingly in lunar orbit overhead): Another strange sight over here. It looks - a flashing light - I think it's Annbell. Another crater here looks as though it's flooded except that this same material seems to run up on the outside. You can see a definite patch of this stuff that's run down inside. And that material lays or has been structured on top of it, but it lays on top of things that are outside and higher. It's a very strange operation.

Wilson writes (p.142): "And we might add that this is a very strange conversation. What are the real meanings of such terms used here as structure, blocked field, beaches, benches, terraces and the like? NASA claims that they are just metaphoric terms to describe unusual natural formations."

 Strange Apollo 17 conversation about "Watermarks" on the Moon:
Capcom: Roger, America, we're tracking you on the map here, watching it.

LMP: O.K. Al Buruni has got variations on its floor. Variations in the lights and its albedo. It almost looks like a pattern as if the water were flowing up on a beach. Not in great areas, but in small areas around the southern side, and the part that looks like the water-washing pattern is a much lighter albedo, although I cannot see any real source of it. The texture, however, looks the same.

Capcom: America, Houston. We'd like you to hold off switching to OMNI Charlie until we can cue you on that.

DMP: Wilco.

LMP: Was there any indication on the seismometers on the impact about the time I saw a bright flash on the surface?

Capcom: Stand by. We'll check on that, Jack.

LMP: A UFO perhaps, don't worry about it. I thought somebody was looking at it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light.

Capcom: Roger. We copies the time and ...

LMP: I have the place marked.

Capcom: Pass it on to the back room.

LMP: O.K. I've marked it on the map, too.

Capcom: Jack, just some words from the back room for you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but the Moon is still ringing from the impact of the S-IVB impact. So it would mask any other impact. So they may be able to strip it out at another time, but right now they don't see anything at the time you called.

LMP: Just my luck. Just looking at the southern edge of Grimaldi, Bob, and - that Graben is pre-Mare. Pre-Mare!

Capcom: O.K., I copy on that, Jack. And as long as we're talking about Grimaldi we'd like to have you brief Ron exactly on the location of that flashing light you saw ... We'll probably ask him to take a picture of it. Maybe during one of his solo periods. Notice that the Capcom reiterates that it was a *flashing* light. It was therefore *no* meteor impact that they were witnessing. Notice also that the Lunar Command Pilot specifically mentions the word "UFO".

Wilson writes (p. 60): "This last conversation makes it obvious that both our astronauts and NASA do not take these sightings of light or UFOs lightly. Maps were marked and photographs were taken at the sites of these occurrences."

While the Apollo 17 astronauts were discussing the "Watermarks", the sighting of the UFO occurred. The conversation then returns to the Watermarks.

DMP: O.K. 96:03. Now we're getting some clear - looks like pretty clear high watermarks on this -
CMP: There's high watermarks all over the place there.

LMP: On the north part of Tranquillitatis. That's Maraldi there, isn't it? Are you sure we're 13 miles up?

Capcom: You're 14 to be exact, Ron.

LMP: I tell you there's some mare, ride or scarps that are very, very sinuous - just passing one. They not only cross the low planar areas but go right up the side of a crater in one place and a hill in another. It looks very much like a constructional ridge - a mare-like ridge that is clearly *as constructional as I would want to see it*."

Apollo 15
David Scott, Alfred Worden, James Irwin; went to the Appenine Mountains of the Moon, July 26 - Aug. 7, 1971. Conversation about discovering strange "tracks":

Scott: Arrowhead really runs east to west.

Mission Control: Roger, we copy.

Irwin: Tracks here as we go down slope.

MC: Just follow the tracks, huh?

Irwin: Right we're (garble). We know that's a fairly good run. We're bearing 320, hitting range for 413 ... I can't get over those lineations, that layering on Mt. Hadley.

Scott: I can't either. That's really spectacular.

Irwin: They sure look beautiful.

Scott: Talk about organization!

Irwin: That's the most *organized structure I've ever seen*!

Scott: It's (garble) so uniform in width.

Irwin: Nothing we've seen before this has shown such uniform thickness from the top of the tracks to the bottom.

Wilson writes: (p. 145): "What are these tracks? Who made them? Where did they come from? Does NASA have an answer for the people?"

Another weird conversation about tracks
Made by Harrison Schmitt, a trained geologist and the only civilian ever to walk on the Moon (all the rest were military men, or as Hoagland would say - "good soldiers", who did what they were told).

Schmidtt: I see tracks - running right up the wall of the crater.

Mission Control (Gene Cernan): Your photopath runs directly between Pierce and Pease. Pierce Brava, go to Bravo, Whiskey, Whiskey, Romeo.

Wilson writes (p. 145): "If this is not code, what is it? And why switch to the use of strange meaningless "code" words if NASA was not trying to cover up something startling, something that needed to be hidden from the public? In fact, science writer Joseph Goodavage maintains that "whenever something was discovered, the astronauts and CAPCOM apparently switched to a prearranged code, sometimes even on an alternate publicly unmonitorable channel.
NASA scientist Farouk El Baz admitted in a magazine interview that NASA did commit itself to a secretive search for various things on the Moon. 'We're looking for something - something ...' He admitted that 'a huge bridge-like structure in Mare Crisium has been reported ... That is all I can say about it.' When asked if 'that was a bridge - that you've actually found artificial structures or some kind of intelligently placed artifact?' El Baz quickly denied it.

'No. No. I am not admitting such a thing. But when you start to think about it, almost anything is possible. There are almost no limits [to] how you can interpret the many things astronomers have been observing and reporting for several centuries. Now the astronauts are seeing many anomalies close up'."

Apollo 15:
Astronaut sees white objects flying by
Capcom: You talked about something mysterious ...

Orion: O.K., Gordy, when we pitched around, I'd like to tell you about something we saw around the LM (LEM or Lunar Excursion Module). When we were coming about 30 or 40 feet out, there were a lot of objects - white things - flying by. It looked as if they were being propelled or ejected, but I'm not convinced of that.

Capcom: We copy that Charlie.

Wilson writes (p. 54): "What could these mysterious flying objects have been? ... Can this be considered another UFO sighting? What did the astronaut mean when he reported that these peculiar 'white things' were *perhaps* 'being propelled or ejected'? And by whom?"

Apollo 11:
"I say that there were other spaceships!"

Apollo 11, with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin was the first Apollo flight to land on the Moon, on July 20, 1969. While Collins flew in orbit around the Moon in the command module, Armstrong and Aldrin descended in the lunar module, landing in the Sea of Tranquillity at 4:17 P.M.

According to hitherto un-confirmed reports, both Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after that historic landing on the Moon in Apollo 11 on 21 July 1969. I remember hearing one of the astronauts refer to a "light" in or on a crater during the television transmission, followed by a request from mission control for further information. Nothing more was heard.

The following astonishing conversation was picked up by ham radio operators that had their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets. At this time, the live television broadcast was interrupted for two minutes due to a supposed "overheated camera", but the transmission below was received loud and clear by hundreds of ham radio operators:

According to Otto Binder, who was a member of the NASA space team, when the two moon-walkers, Aldrin and Armstrong were making their rounds some distance from the LEM, Armstrong clutched Aldrin's arm excitedly and exclaimed:

Armstrong: What was it? What the hell was it? That's all I want to know!"

Mission Control: What's there?... malfunction (garble) ... Mission Control calling Apollo 11 ...

Apollo 11: These babies were huge, sir!... Enormous!... Oh, God! You wouldn't believe it! ... I'm telling you there are other space-craft out there ... lined up on the far side of the crater edge! ... They're on the Moon watching us!

Wilson writes (p. 48): "Binder ends his report with this observation: 'There has, understandably, been no confirmation of this incredible report by NASA or any authorities. WE cannot vouch for its authenticity, but if true, one can surmise that mission control went into a dither and then into a huddle, after which they sternly [ordered] the moonwalkers to 'forget' what they saw and carry on casually and calmly as if nothing had happened. After all, an estimated 600 million people around the world were hanging on every word spoken by the first two men to leave footprints on the Moon."

The book "Celestial Raise" by Richard Watson and ASSK [P.O. Box 35 Mt. Shasta CA. 96067 (916)-926-2316); 1987; page 147-148] records the following (continuation?) of the above remarkable dialogue of Apollo 11, which was picked up by hundreds of ham radio operators in the USA:

"During the transmission of the Moon landing of Armstrong and Aldrin, who journeyed to the Moon in an American spaceship, two minutes of silence occurred in which the image and sound were interrupted. NASA insisted that this problem was the result of one of the television cameras which had overheated, thus interfering with the reception.

This unexpected problem surprised even the most qualified of viewers who were unable to explain how in such a costly project, one of the most essential elements could break down... Some time after the historic Moon landing, Christopher Craft, director of the base in Houston, made some surprising comments when he left NASA.

The contents of these comments, which is included in the conversations [below], has been corroborated by hundreds of amateur radio operators who had connected their stations to the same frequency through which the astronauts transmitted. During the two minute interruption - which was not as it seemed, NASA, Armstrong and Aldrin with Cape Kennedy, censored both image and sound. 'I say that there were other spaceships.'

Here is reproduced completely the dialogue between the American astronauts and Control Center:

Armstrong & Aldrin: Those are giant things. No, no, no - this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this!

Houston (Christopher Craft): What ... what ... what? What the hell is happening? What's wrong with you?

Armstrong & Aldrin: They're here under the surface.

Houston: What's there? (muffled noise) Emission interrupted; interference control calling 'Apollo 11'.

Armstrong & Aldrin: We saw some visitors. They were here for a while, observing the instruments.

Houston: Repeat your last information!

Armstrong & Aldrin: I say that there were other spaceships. They're lined up in the other side of the crater!

Houston: Repeat, repeat!

Armstrong & Aldrin: Let us sound this orbita ... in 625 to 5 ... Automatic relay connected ... My hands are shaking so badly I can't do anything. Film it? God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything - what then?

Houston: Have you picked up anything?

Armstrong & Aldrin: I didn't have any film at hand. Three shots of the saucers or whatever they were that were ruining the film

Houston: Control, control here. Are you on your way? What is the uproar with the UFOs over?

Armstrong & Aldrin: They've landed here. There they are and they're watching us.

Houston: The mirrors, the mirrors - have you set them up?

Armstrong & Aldrin: Yes, they're in the right place. But whoever made those spaceships surely can come tomorrow and remove them. Over and out.

A certain professor, who wished to remain anonymous, was engaged in a discussion with Neil Armstrong during a NASA symposium.

Professor: What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?

Armstrong: It was incredible, of course we had always known there was a possibility - the fact is, we were warned off! There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city.

Professor: How do you mean "warned off"?

Armstrong: I can't go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology - Boy, were they big!...and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.

Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?

Armstrong: Naturally - NASA was committed at that time, and couldn't risk panic on Earth. But it really was a quick scoop and back again.

According to a Dr. Vladimir Azhazha:
"Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the Moon module (LEM). But this message was never heard by the public - because NASA censored it."

According to a Dr. Aleksandr Kasantsev, Buzz Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module, and continued filming them after he and Armstrong went outside.

Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to go into further detail, beyond admitting that the CIA was behind the cover-up."

Cosmonaut Shadowed By Structured UFO
In April of 1979, Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev lifted off from Star City to dock with the Soviet Solyut 6 space station. But while en route, something strange happened. Cosmonaut Afanasyev saw an unidentified object turn toward his craft and begin tailing it through space.

"It followed us during half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side, it disappeared completely. It was an engineering structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 23 to 28 meters away."

In addition to photographing the UFO, Afanasyev continually reported back to Mission Control about the craft's size, its shape and position. When the cosmonaut returned to earth he was debriefed and told never to reveal what he knew, and had his cameras and film confiscated.

Those photos and his voice transmissions from space have never been released.

It is only now, with the collapse of the Soviet Union that Afanasyev feels that he can safely tell his story.

"It is still classified as a UFO because we have yet to identify the object."

During the late 60's and early 70's, NASA's Apollo Mission astronauts all experienced close encounters with 'unidentified space vehicles'. According to the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, who took part in the Apollo 11 Mission, the reason why the US government changed their plans to build a 'Moon City' was because they were told to change those plans by unknown extraterrestrial voyagers...  'The fact is we were warned off' Armstrong told a NASA symposium. 'There was never any question then of a space station or Moon City.'

According to a former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchange:

'Buzz' Aldrin who was also with Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission, was said to have taken colour film footage of alien craft, Armstrong later confirmed that this footage had indeed been shot by Aldrin, only to be confiscated by the CIA on their return to Earth.  Fearing for his wellbeing, Armstrong refused to go in further details, except to confirm that the CIA were behind an extensive cover-up campaign regarding the US space program and consequent encounters with UFOs. In 1979, former chief of NASA Communications, Maurice Chatelain, confirmed that Armstrong and Aldrin had encountered UFOs on the Moon. To this day Chatelain vehemently protests the truth of their accounts.

In December 1965, Gemini astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman also saw a UFO during their second orbit of their record-breaking 14 day flight. Borman reported that he saw an unidentified spacecraft some distance from their capsule. Gemini Control, at Cape Kennedy told him that he was seeing the final stage of their own Titan booster rocket. Borman confirmed that he could see the booster rocket all right, but that he could also see something completely different.

During James Lovell's flight on Gemini 7


Capcom:This is Houston. Say again 7.


Capcom: Gemini 7, is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?


Capcom:   ...Estimated distance or size?


'The encounter was common knowledge at NASA,' chatelain said. 'All Apollo and Gemini Flights were followed by space vehicles of extraterrestrail origin - or UFOs, if you prefer to call them that. Every time it occured, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who the ordered absolute silence'. He added 'I think Walter Schirra, aboard Mercury 8, was the first astronaut to use the code name 'Santa Claus' to indicate the presence of Ufos'.  But it was James Lovell, on board the Apollo 8 Command Module, who came out from behind the Moon and said, for everybody to hear 'Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus!' Even though this happened on Christmas Day, 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words.'

Chatelain also published an article in 1995 that confirmed that not only did the Apollo Moon Mission encounter UFOs, but that they also found 'several mysterious geometric structures of unnatural origin on the Moon'.

Another former astronaut, Dr Brian O'Leary, who was speaking at a science conference in 1994 confirmed the cover-up. 'For nearly fifty years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States government has kept from the public UFO and alien information, we have contact with alien cultures'. He went on to say 'the suppression of UFO and other extraterrestrial intelligence information for at least forty-seven years, is probably being orchestrated by an elite band of men in the CIA,NSA,NSS,DIA and their like. This small group appears able to keep these already hard-to-believe secrets very well'.

Statements from various NASA sources, including Maurice Chatelain reveal that all astronauts are briefed and debriefed, before and after every mission, and are warned not to discuss their encounters in public. Rumours of astronauts being 'threatened, 'going mad', or even 'losing their lives' on their return to Earth, abound.
According to Sgt Major Robert Dean, who carried the highest security clearance there is while serving at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe)
in the 1960's, the US intelligence community is in possession of a top-secret dossier entitled The Assessment, detailing the history of extraterrestrial visitation, and an assessment of their purposes for visiting our planet. For the past twenty years Sgt Major Dean had fought to make this information public knowledge.

Former Nasa photographic technician, Donna Tietze said in an interview with a radio station in 1995 'The job of a co-worker in a restricted area was to airbrush out any anomalies found on the Moon photos'. The NASA Library is currently in possession of literally millions of photographs, plus an impressive catalogue of transmission tapes and videotapes documenting the presence of UFOs. The Clementine Probe alone sent back 1.6 million photographic images in 1994.

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower created NASA on October 1st, 1958, it was to 'coordinate national space activities' and to take 'full advantage of the military potential of space', and yet at the same time was to 'administer the civilian space program'.
NASA Astronaut Cooper denies seeing UFO in orbit - But Tells of His Dealings With Secret UFO Film

Pioneering astronaut  L. Gordon Cooper denies being the first astronaut to see a UFO while in orbit, but stands by his reports of a strange encounter over Germany in the 1950s.Cooper flatly denied the long-standing claim, repeated over the years by various authors including UFOlogical saints J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee, that he saw a greenish object with a red tail move past his Mercury 9 spacecraft in 1963.

"No, somebody made a lot of money selling lies on that one," Cooper, the sixth American in space, told Art Bell on the syndicated "Coast to Coast" talk radio show recently. "It was totally untrue, sorry to say." However, the retired air force colonel, who once lectured the United Nations on the reality of UFOs, still holds an "unshakable" belief in extraterrestrial intelligence, thanks largely to personal experience.

"On one occasion, I saw some strange vehicles that we assumed were UFOs," he told Bell.

In the encounter, which took place over Germany in the early 1950s, Cooper saw "flights of fighters flying by in the same sort of formation we flew, moving east to west." The U.S. Air Force base scrambled its own pilots, including Cooper, who remembers the objects as looking "just like saucers -- they were metallic looking, but we couldn't really get close enough to see more than that. You couldn't see any wings on them."

At the time, Cooper entertained the possibility that the craft might be a new Soviet design, but "looking back now," he suspects "it was some kind of extraterrestrial vehicle."

He also stood by his belief that he saw a UFO land at Edwards Air Force Base in California in 1957. Although Cooper had been filming the base with a camera crew at the time, the film, which he handed over to a high-ranking officer from Washington, has never emerged.

Area 51 and the lost Gemini photographs
After another round of filming --- this time in orbit aboard Gemini 5 -- Cooper ran into trouble with the authorities when they confiscated film he took from space. However, in contrast to UFO legend, this film did not contain photographic proof of an alien encounter.Instead, he had ran afoul of the authorities for taking pictures of the "top secret" Nevada military base known familiarly as "Area 51".

"I found out fairly recently that one of the reasons it got confiscated was I had inadvertently overflown Area 51," while taking test photos, he said.

Cooper had no comment on the Great Face on Mars."That's one of the reasons you need to send a manned mission to Mars, to study that stuff closer," he told Bell, gently criticizing today's NASA and recent presidential administrations for lacking the "bravery" to buildon previous generations' space advances.

In recently published memoirs "Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown", by USAF Colonel L. Gordon Cooper (Ret.) recounts how he chased UFOs over Germany in his F-86.  Following this experience, Cooper was very open minded about UFOs.  He writes, "I knew an Air Force master sergeant assigned to a team that received an emergency call-out from Washington D.C., to the Pacific southwest (not Roswell.)  He told me they reached a canyon and found a wreckage at the site.  According to his friend -- and I had been around him enough to consider him a reliable guy -- a metallic disk-shaped object had crashed, and sitting atop the wreckage were two very human-looking fellows in flight suits, waving at  them.  They were hustled away, and the sergeant never found out who they were or what happened to them."As a captain stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on May 3, 1957, he became aware that a metallic, saucer-shaped craft had landed (silently) sometime after   8:00 a.m. on base property.  He alleges that the event was filmed by a startled technical film crew on assignment 50 yards away, the craft zooming out of sight when the photographers tried to approach it for a better camera shot.  Cooper writes that, upon learning of the incident, he telephoned appropriate Pentagon officials, who ordered him to have all the film developed (but not printed) and to ship it immediately to the Pentagon. He adds that, before complying, he chose to peek at some of the negatives, which confirmed the existence of the "saucer" as described to him by the film crew.  Cooper notes that he heard nothing more about the film or the results of any investigation.

After reading the above information, I must ask you this...

If NASA was formed as a  'civilian space agency', why were so many NASA programs funded by the US Defence Department?

Why were all astronauts subjected to US military security regulations?

Why were all video and photographic evidence screened by the National Security Agency?

Why were all the radio communications screened by the National Security Agency?

After spending millions of taxpayers' dollars planning a 'Moon City', why has the Moon not been visited by NASA since 1973?

Why are some of NASA's top photographic technicians employed to 'airbrush out' anomalies caught on film?

Why are astronauts and other NASA employees threatened with long jail sentences if they 'speak out' about what was really discovered out there in space?

Do you realise that no information, either photographic or otherwise, reaches the public domain until it has been thoroughly scrutinised and sanitized by the US intelligence community, and has been in effect since the space program began?.

Did you know that the main debates before the 'official' moon landings were regarding mining and mineral rights? Bearing in mind that the rich resources of titanium, aluminium, uranium, helium 3, and god knows what else, were found on the Moon.  Do you really think that the US would have then told the rest of the world to come on up and take a share?  Buzz Aldrin has said in his book, 'Men From Earth' 'Another exciting energy resource on the moon is... an ample supply of the isotope Helium-3 (HE-3), which is very rare on Earth but has been deposited on the lunar surface over billions of years by the solar wind.  It is estimated that at least a million tons of He-3 are readily recoverable from the regolith formations where lunar solar power stations would be practical.

This He-3 offers a key to safe, practical nuclear fusion energy on Earth. It is estimated that a single ton of He-3 delivered to Earth would be worth at least $1 Billion.'

Another issue is that one astronaut is seen to land 'heavily' after leaving the lunar module? How come when the Moon gravity is one sixth of the Earth's own gravitational pull? Even bearing in mind their heavy spacesuits which NASA claim weigh 185-190lbs, plus the astronauts weight, the total weight relative to Earth should have been 62 pounds or about four and a half stone. Again Buzz Aldrin says in his book that he weighed only 60 pounds, if this is the case they should have been able to jump at least six feet, but as official film footage shows, the astronauts struggle to jump over eighteen inches!  According to the laws of physics, this simply doesn't add up.

Did you know...

Official NASA footage clearly shows an Apollo module taking off from the lunar surface, evidently minus any conventional propulsion system?What you see is a series of 'bolts' clamping the module to the Moon's surface explode and the module simply floats up into space. Is this evidence of an antigravity propulsion in use by 1969? Or simply a computer-simulated take-off from Hollywood Studios?

Below we have listed a few relevant catalogue numbers which you can obtain from NASA Photographics by ringing 001 202 358 1900, or why not use the internet to do a search, alternatively you can write to them at:

Media Services Branch.
Code PM,
300 E Street South West
Washington DC

Catalogue No          Launch Date          Catalogue No                 Launch Date
Apollo 11                    July 16 1969          Apollo 12                      Nov 14 1969
AS11-37-5438                                          AS12-50-7346
Apollo 13                   April 11 1970         AS12-51-7553
AS13-60-8622                                         AS12-49-7319
AS13-61-8865                                           Apollo 14                      Jan 31 1971
Apollo 15                   July 26 1971          AS14-70-9836
AS15-12-640                                            AS14-70-9837
Apollo 16                   April 16 1972         AS14-70-9835
AS16-19-238                                             Lunar Orbiter IV        May 4 1967
Lunar Orbiter V       Aug 1 1967             LO168-H3

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